Thursday, May 8, 2014

Women's Circle Traveling Journal

A Happy May to all...

Whether it's spring or fall where you are, 
I hope the weather is lovely and that your heart is happy!

I still am finding myself falling behind in blogging... continuing to juggle the new responsibilities of MIL living in town...
aahhh...just breathe, right?

Deep breathing does paint.
I am playing with color, and in the midst of my "stress-relief" I was invited to participate in  the most lovely project...

"The Women's Circle Traveling Journal"

What an honor for me...
Especially since I create just for fun...
So many talented women are taking part in this living work.

The wonderful, talented Ana of Introverted Art
is the woman behind this journal idea...thank you!
Please do visit Ana HERE for gorgeous, inspirational art and wise musings.

Here is a snippet of my contribution...truth be told, I was so nervous. 
There wasn't much room for mistakes, and I just kind of went with my intuition regarding the subject matter....
inspired by spring...and friendship....

"Love Grows Here"

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Hello Irina,

    Well, love certainly does grow here on your most thoughtful and beguiling blog.

    The project sounds most interesting and it is always so inspiring to be connected with creative people. Ideas multiply and one finds oneself moving in new and exciting directions. This sounds to be just the kind of boost you need at the moment with your other responsibilities.

    Whatever, just be you. The other group members will soon realise what a perfectly lovely companion they have on their journey of artistic exploration!

  2. I think your contribution is beautiful. I love it!! So good to see a post from you :) I hope all is well.

  3. Your contribution is so colorful and playful my friend. I have NO idea what I am going to do, and as I went over to Ana's blog, I got a pain in my stomach, worried about how I will fit into this! I am nowhere near this style of freedom...well, we shall see.

    Keep painting. You love it so, and that is a great way to relieve the unnecessary but ever present stresses in this life. I hope to get together ONE DAY this summer with you to paint!

  4. Dear Irina,
    This project sounds like fun, and I'm sure there are so many talented artists participating in it. I really like what you've worked on so far. The 'You Are Loved' card is so special. And the purple flowers on here today are gorgeous. I think it's great that you are spending time with your mother-in-law. Mine lives an hour away and don't get to see her as much as I'd like to.

    Happy Mother's Day, Irina. I hope you do all the things you love on this blessed day.


  5. Paloma, it is (finally) spring here; it went from cold to hot in the mere blink of an eye. And I'm not sure how to feel about that :)
    In any case, I love your painting and your pretty spring debutantes. I see where you get your inspiration and love of color.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. My dear friend,
    Your contribution is beautiful! How fun...
    Thinking of you. Hope all is well

  7. Hi Irina, wow that must so exciting yet nerve-wracking. You've done well. Hope to see you more often in the blog land. Hope the MIL is doing fine. Take care of yourself and enjoy spring.


  8. Dear Irina,

    Love your beautiful contribution and love does grow here from your wonderful blog.

    The water lily and iris are so pretty.

    Happy weekend and hope all goes well with your MIL in town.

  9. Dear Irina,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and visit.. Your lilacs are not blooming yet because of the cold, and my blooms started to open, and then turned brown and crisp due to the extreme heat... The week the buds were opening it was over 100..

  10. I share your blog paralysis Irene.... it's just not 'top of mind' right now like it used to be for me. Oh well, I do love that you create for fun - is there any other way? Love your 'Travelling Journal' contribution!! xo

  11. Irina!
    How absolutely lovely and sweet
    is your creation and you had fun
    and that is the best part!
    Happy Sunday Wishes my dear friend!

  12. Ciao Irina, sono stata assente per un lungo periodo dal blog, ora eccomi quì! Grazie per i commenti e il tuo affetto che lasci sempre al tuo passaggio sul mio blog!!!! Grazie!!
    Complimenti per il tuo contributo lasciato in questa iniziativa....e per le immagini piene di amore....!!!
    Buona primavera anche a te....!!!
    Baci! a presto, Virginia

  13. A beautiful, and very inspiring post. I love your colours, so tender.
    Wonderful May!

  14. Your entry in the Women's Travelling Journal is beautiful! I enjoy Ana's lovely blog and I love your gorgeous pics of the flowers too. :) Happy June Irina!
    Jess xx

  15. It is so difficult to keep up with blogging when day-to-day life is incredibly busy.
    What a beautiful painting! I love to paint, too.
    I hope you're having a wonderful week!


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