Friday, December 20, 2013

Arctic Rainbows and Other Little Miracles

magical music......


And if we take a moment

to look up

 or down....

 we may just see a rainbow

or perhaps a frosty winter's "snowdog".

The intricate miracle of a flower

beckons us to seek out
 (and appreciate) 
the little miracles all around us

May this holiday season gift you 
with many beautiful blessings, dear friends...

and may the miracle that is 
sparkle with 

I look forward to visiting you in the coming days...

Much love!


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hugs and Chocolate

"The only thing constant is change."
- Heraclitus

And change means transformation...

How we choose to dwell in this transformation determines 
our state of happiness.....

I hope the change of seasons finds you balanced and happy, dear friends....

During the rather eventful month of October, it seemed that things were changing at lightning speed. There were family matters that required immediate and constant attention.
(Hence, the lack of posts and blog visits.)

As I slowly get back into the swing of things, I just want to express how very special and important my blog friendships are to me.....

Sending out a hug!

And now.... some yummies!

Cooking with lovely Dzintra from the Donna Hay Black and White issue...

Wow... it was so stunning and creative...
As much as I love color, I could not help falling in love with the artistry in this issue.

The meal I prepared did have color, though... can rice and chocolate count for black and white? :)

"Sticky Roasted Thai Chicken"

and for dessert....

"Baked Chocolate Terrine"

Of course, I had to drizzle some ganache on top, and I ended up adding a tad more flour for a thicker consistency...

Both dishes were wonderful...thank you, dear Dzintra....

Wishing everyone a splendid and creative weekend!!!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dosant Anyone?

 A Happy October to all!

Please allow me to go back in time for this post...
August was chock full of various fairs and festivals, and I would love to share some glimpses of the 2013 State Fair...

The day was hot, but breezy...
Our first stop...
the sweet animals!

(look at that little pink nose!)

(playing peek-a-boo)

All of the horses were stunning, 
but we were especially drawn to the MN Zoo draft horses...
They live on the large farm area at the zoo, and are incredibly gentle.

Here is "Prince"

He may look a little melancholy, but there was actually a line of people waiting to rub his nose, and he seemed to be enjoying that very much!
I took the photos between visitors...
I think he just wants to be petted again!
So beautiful...

Another must-see is the Creative Activities building, 
where the entries for ribbons range from the silly....

to the sublime....


(what do you think of the quilts, dear Dzintra?)

I would have loved to have posted more gorgeous quilts, 
but the lighting was not cooperating...all of the pieces were behind glass, and it was a challenge to avoid glare.

In the Fine Arts Pavilion, we were treated to even more 
beauty and creativity....

 "Picnic in May on Lilac Way"
by Marsha Lynn Weist-Hines

"Dave's Orchard"
by Pam G. Harris

"Over Easy"
by Erik Saulitis

 "The Newton House"
by Japheth A. Storlie

 "Flowers, Pears, and Kale on Table"
by Michael R. Pangerl

This piece below was my favorite, combining my love of music and the sea...
(and I love the colors of the "sails"!)

What do you think of it?
(It can be yours for $7,000!)

 "Song of the Flying Dutchman"
by Kyle L. Fokken


one of the gorgeous windows in this historic building

The painting below is this year's official commemorative "poster"...

I think it's so lovely...
Created by Swedish artist Marie Olofsdotter
(she now lives in Minneapolis)

 Next, it's time for some amazing seed art in the Agricultural building...
Can you imagine how much patience it takes to create these pieces?  


and a silly one! 

 isn't he cute?

We were so happy to see that a dear friend has won yet another blue ribbon in the Junior division...
(3rd year in a row!!)


Whew, thank you for joining me in this little tour!
The fair would not be complete, though, without the decadent, salty, amazing cheese curds...


and...the "Dosant"!
Our local French Meadow Bakery's version of the "Cronut"....have you tried these yet?

Deep-fried, sugared croissant dough.
Yes, please.
It was so good.

Enjoy the week, dear friends!

  (fairy house at the's actually a sauna!!!)


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