Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pursuit

"I've come to believe that seeking happiness is not a frivolous pursuit. It's honorable and necessary. And most people forget to even think about it." - Goldie Hawn

Do you believe this as well? I certainly do. What good are we to the world around us, (or to ourselves, for that matter), if we are a sad, depressed, grumpy lot! (Of course, I am not speaking of clinical depression here)
I have been reading the works of Alexandra Stoddard for many years. Her life motto is "Love and Live Happy"! This is how she signs off her newsletter each month. You can read her wise musings here.

Alexandra Stoddard and husband Peter Megargee Brown
at their lovely cottage home in Stonington Village , CT

A well-known interior designer and author, Alexandra's writings have evolved into a collection of over twenty books on the art of living with grace, beauty, love, and happiness, even in times of difficulty and sadness. Her light-filled home is a beautiful reflection of her philosophy.

Country Living

Country Living

Alexandra featured in Victoria Magazine

If you are not familiar with Alexandra Stoddard, I highly recommend her books...she writes with wisdom, clarity, and playfulness. An advocate of life's little luxuries, such as the handwritten letter, the fountain pen, and fresh flowers, Ms. Stoddard inspires us to elevate each moment of the day to something special and meaningful. Her books always make me happy....
You can find her lovely books here.

Another wonderful, witty author who brings me much happiness is Jamie Cat Callan.
An ardent Francophile, Jamie writes fabulous books on l'art de vivre from the French perspective.

You can find information on Jamie and her books here...

She also has a fun blog that takes us along on all of her adventures....
Jamie's Bonjour Happiness Blog

Pay her a little visit and say Bonjour! I know she is working hard on a new book...I can't wait!

And please do watch this for a HUGE dose of happiness...inspiration from a beautiful and brilliant 90-year young artist...Ilona Smithkin

Wishing all of you a HAPPY week!!!

Inspired by this sweet little bluebird of happiness...

Anita's Etsy

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feathered Friends

They say that

These extraordinary creatures have been a recurring theme in my life, as well as in the lives of those I love.

My sweet mother was fascinated with birds, and she showed her affection by keeping the feeders heaping full, especially in the frigid days of winter.

She loved waking up to birdsong...
                             her favorites were the chickadee

and the cardinal

I know she loved their songs, but I believe she identified with them as symbols of freedom. fly and be free!
She was indeed a free spirit..

After her passing, I felt that I needed something very concrete, yet creative, to help me channel my energy. It also had to be something she would have loved, something she would have been proud to see me do.

It wasn't until May of last year, after experiencing the magic of the incredibly talented and kind-hearted Anita's Castles, that I saw the impact and power that a blog can have.
Anita was excited to have this wonderfully creative platform, but she emphasized to me that the most important, cherished, valued outcome of her blogging experience has been the friendships she has made. I did not comprehend fully what Anita had meant, until I took a deep breath, and began.

As we enter a fresh new year of writing, creating, inspiring, and hopefully living each moment to the fullest, I wish that we continue  to build and cultivate the friendships formed with dear readers and fellow bloggers...these (YOU!) talented, most lovely people from every corner of the planet! In a short eight months, my world has been expanded, my soul enriched, my heart softened, my mind educated, by YOU, dear friends!!

My deepest gratitude to magnificent Anita....

         for opening this incredible new portal of friendship and joy!

Anita is a bird enthusiast as well..but most of you know that!
She has recently been creating the most magical, beautiful ones...

We are all of this blog world "feather"....flocking together in a very real flight of friendship, and sharing of ourselves.
We look in the same direction....

The direction of dreams, hopes, optimism, beauty, inspiration, and connection.

I thank and celebrate you ALL!!
May this year find you soaring to new heights of possibility!



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