Sunday, February 26, 2012


I pray for the day
when we cease to see "other"

Martin Luther King Jr.

no color,
no caste

Mohandas Gandhi

to impede
the compassion and love

Wangari Maathai

fellow soul



all sparks Divine
were made to receive.

I pray for the day
when we cease to see "other"

when hatred and bigotry
no longer live

Eli Weisel

Nelson Mandela

Dalai Lama

John Lennon

in the hearts of mankind

in my sister
my brother

I pray for the day
when all we see is

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopeless Romantic

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Whether this is a day of romance for you, or simply a day to say that  extra "I Love You" to those near and dear, it is hard not to fall under its spell....

I remember really loving this holiday in school... secretly hoping that my crush of the hour would drop an "extra special" little card into the decorated paper bag. Year after year, the card never came :)), but a hopeless romantic I remain!

Inspired by the well-deserved Downton frenzy, as well as this most sweet of days, I find myself endlessly browsing the wares at Victorian Trading Company.

Have you  ordered from this gorgeous catalog?
From stunning reproductions, to kitsch and handmade folk art, their pieces take me to a time of  perfumed, handwritten letters and strolls in sun-dappled parks under lace parasols....are you with me?

Here are some of my favorites...
Anything strike your romantic fancy?



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