Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Little Treats, Big Pleasures

Little treats can be life's sweetest and most memorable pleasures, 
don't you think?


Such a treat to see Nature finally burst forth 
in all of its luxuriously green glory...


Even the bunnies are loving it...


I don't have a garden, so once a year 
I treat myself to a luscious bouquet 
of fragrant peonies...

(my favorite flowers)


It's the little things....


I'd like to share another very special treat with you...
the summer issue of 
Scarlet Pink magazine...

click here to order your copy

This is a new publication featuring wonderful artists 
from every genre and walk of life...truly inspirational.
What makes it EXTRA special is that one of the magazine's head writers is none other than a most dear, talented, gracious friend...
Anita Rivera of the Castles Crowns and Cottages blog!
In this issue, she interviews several gifted artists, including blog friends 
Violet SkylesMartine Voigt-Schmid, and Zsa Zsa Bellagio...
The brilliant Sylvia of Sylvia's Simple Life is featured as well.

And while you browse through the beautiful pages, sip on the most refreshing and gorgeous beverage treat I have ever tasted...


Elderflower and Rose Lemonade by the U.K.'s Belvoir Farms....
(a bit pricey and hard to find, but soooo worth it!)

What a pretty bottle!
I came across this loveliness at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago...everything about this special treat is extraordinary...
The packaging and lovely rosé color wowed me, but it's the flavor that made me want to share it with you...
I happen to love all of these components separately, (Elderflower, Rose, Lemon), but Belvoir has managed to combine them in a most exquisite way...
You can read more about Belvoir Farms here...

And lastly, taking time to paint is a HUGE treat for me...
I do promise to share what I'm working on in the coming weeks, but for now, here's a little garden painting inspired by one of my favorite impressionists, Childe Hassam...


Thank you for reading this rather long-winded post!

I hope you are savoring life's little treats, dear friends!

Love and Blessings,
- Irina


  1. Dear Irina,
    It's so nice to hear that you take time out for the simple pleasures in this world. The tree picture is gorgeous, and the bunnies are sweet. I just love those pink peonies. They must look pretty in your home. This lemonade drink sounds so good right now. It is going to be a hot one today. The bottle is very charming with its rose label. Yes, I'm so happy for Anita and the Scarlet Pink Magazine. She deserves so much goodness, as she is a precious soul. You paint with such loveliness, and it sounds like you are enjoying these relaxing June days.

    Your blog posts always fill me with wonder, and I can't help but leave here with a smile on my face.


  2. WOOOOOOOOW! I was just about to get off the computer when I noticed that you had posted. Everything about this is splendid. Those BUNNIES! AHHH! Did I tell you about little "Etoile" in my garden? OH, I think I did..aren't they the greatest little summer gift? And the peonies that you photographed - marvelous. Our neighbor's blooms are adding such a pop of joy to my garden, and how about this wild weather of ours? Today is awash I think, but that doesn't mean we can't stay in to read or paint or write.

    My friend, thank you kindly for the mention of Scarlet Pink and the articles. Enjoy the read; I hope to continue with the fun of writing and I am also enjoying my next read, Maya Angelou, "I know why the caged bird sings." What a glorious summer!

    Hugs and many thanks.

  3. Yes it really is the little things, isn't it? Are those macaroons in that pic???

  4. Such a lovely sweet post today....and very informative as well.



  5. Irina, you are a treasure and I cherish our blogging friendship immensely! This post is awesome - everything I love is here... and I must say, you are a TALENTED painter, dear sister! Thank you and enjoy your summer with all the little joys it brings!

  6. All bases covered – Beautiful artwork, delicate peonies, adorable bunnies and elderflower/rose lemonade (where has this magic elixir been all my life?) Thanks to you and your blog, I just treated myself :)

  7. Hello Irina,

    What a delightful array of loveliness you put before us today!

    The magazine sounds and certainly looks to be filled with delicious things. And, how amazing to find Anita at the helm. We are sure that with her eye for detail and creative sense her articles will be a joy to read and savour!

    We know of Belvoir drinks but have never seen this particular concoction. Elderflower cordial is one of our favourite thirst quenching drinks in the summer and this sounds to be a very refreshing and definitely different combination! We shall give it a try.

    And, how lovely to have given us a tempting peek into your own work. It looks charming. Please let us see more!

  8. Oh Irina!
    Your painting is beautiful! I did not know you were so talented...PLEASE show us more!
    I sent you a long (winded :) comment awhile back. I'm not sure why you never received it (??)
    Life continues to be hectic...but I cherish the times I can sit back and see what my friends are up to....
    I adore peonies and have many bushes in white, pink and burgundy. I get so excited when they're ready to burst!! I can do without the tiny ants, though! :) They're one of my absolute favorites, next to hydrangeas. I use them all the time in my designs, especially for weddings.
    How wonderful our dear friend Anita is doing what she loves. I'm SO HAPPY for her. "Talented" doesn't begin to describe this magical woman--she can do anything!! I love her dearly and always support her creative endeavors... she's just amazing!
    As for this wonderful drink...I'll be on the lookout. I'm always looking for something interesting and tasty. You always introduce such wonderful treats (especially recipes).
    I hope your summer is off to a wonderful beginning, my friend.
    Much love to you,
    Lisa xoxo

  9. Irina, you're sweet. There's a local gourmet shop which (supposedly) carries Belvior Farms' products. If not, Amazon will be next on my list. Thank you so much for the tip!
    Enjoy your weekend, doing precisely what you love.

  10. Hello dear Irina, how are you? Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely message. Sorry took me a while to get back. I live your bouquet of sweet scented peonies. They look divine, shame for us here in OZ. They are not very common. Today is our winter solstice, strange, isn't it, we live in opposite side of the world. That elderflower and rose drink looks nice. I wonder if I could find that here in a continental shop. I am now very intrigued to try it. Enjoy your weekend dear.

  11. Dear Irina,
    Happy first day of summer! Your painting is lovely! You've captured the soft light so beautifully. And thanks for sharing the news about Anita in Scarlet Pink - I must head over to congratulate our good friend.

  12. Dear Irina,

    So much beauty you have shared today - love the pretty pink peonies and your gorgeous little garden painting - yes, look forward to seeing more of your wonderful artwork.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  13. I absolutely agree - it's the little things that make life big - we only need to realize that in order to be truly happy :)
    Oh my - now I'm craving macarons!! I love them! Those peonies are beautiful - it's important that we treat ourselves regularly with the things we love :)

  14. Hello Dear Irina,
    I loved your post and the mood it created... felt like we were taking a walk through all your favourite things of the moment. So glad to know about the magazine and Belvoir drink - both of which are news to me. You have made the day brighter - as always with your kind heart and lovely aesthetic. Have a wonderful summer dear one. Love and blessings.

  15. I love this beautiful post, Irina!
    The peonies are gorgeous, the bunnies are so adorable, the macaroons look 'to die for' scrumptious, and I MUST find the magazine 'Scarlet Pink' with Anita's article in it.
    Thank you for sweetly stopping by my blog! I can't wait for the Mad Tea Party either!

  16. Hello is the little things that make up the bigger things!!!!! Those macarons look delicious there....especially as I am sitting here with a cup of tea after dinner here! Your painting is just Spring days! I hope this finds you well and happy... Love to you, Dzintra xo

  17. I aways try to keep in mind this..that the little things are the ones that are really important.

  18. Thank you Irina, for taking the time to stop by with info. on Belvior. I was away on vacation with my guys and haven't had a chance to hit a local market which advertises this product, but I will do so this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes either way. Thanks again, dear!

    I forgot to mention the last time I sashayed through your inspiring blog that I don't have a flower garden either. Lord knows I've tried—but I simply can't keep most flowers alive. However, the weeds worship the ground I walk on.

  19. Dear Irina,
    I wanted to make sure that I said "Happy Fourth of July" to one of my sweetest blog friends. I hope you're doing ok.
    Have a fun celebration, and be safe. Not doing much here, just having a barbecue and maybe watching the fireworks.



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