Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Out of Hibernation

Has it really been that long?

I have missed my dear blog friends,
but alas, I have not been hibernating...

(although winter doesn't want to end around here)

(the squirrels don't seem to mind)

My routine for the past weeks has been this.....

lots of this....

as well as this....

My elderly MIL had been staying with us...
(she now is residing with a friend)

Lack of privacy and time have kept me from pursuing one of my greatest pleasures...

But enough with the excuses. 


This post is probably a month overdue...
(sorry dear Dzintra!)

Our latest Donna Hay cook-up was from the glorious Christmas issue....

Please visit HERE to see Dzintra's gorgeous meal!

Our menu consisted of 
"Dill and Horseradish Patties 
with Beetroot Tzatziki"
p. 39
(recipe called for beef... I used salmon)

This was probably the yummiest DH meal we've eaten so far...
(it may be because we are crazy about Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine)
The recipe calls for store-bought tzatziki, but I made my own...
so easy, and you can control the garlic level.
The beets added a nice crunch and beautiful color, and the cucumber/parsley accompaniment was a fresh taste of spring....

For dessert, I took a risk, and attempted to make
p. 146

This has always been one of my favorite sweets, and with only four ingredients, 
how difficult could it be?

bubbling up nicely...

gorgeous, caramel color...
just right....

Wish I had a pretty picture to show you of the final product...

The joke was on me...

Unfortunately it went very wrong and never hardened....
totally my fault...
I don't think I boiled the mixture long enough.

I'll try again another time!

To make-up for the candy fiasco, I made some simple and addictively delicious
(Russian translation sounds far cuter)

This is a treat my paternal Grandmother had on hand at all times 
(supposedly the recipe came from a family friend)

Easy, delicious, and healthy...

1 c. of chopped walnuts
1 c. of raisins
1 egg
1/4 c. sugar
2 T. of flour 

Mix and drop by spoonfuls on a lightly greased cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

It wasn't "Honeycomb", but it satisfied our sweet tooth...
and brought back sweet memories...

I'm also playing with color...

here's a teeny preview...

at least flowers are blooming on canvas...


I hope all is wonderful with you, and I'm so looking forward to visiting!

Love and Blessings


  1. Hello dear friend,
    So good to see you here... This was a fun post.. Sorry about the candy fiasco, but you will
    get it right next time, I am sure... The Hedgehogs looks wonderful...

  2. Hello Palomasea:

    How lovely to find your post here this morning!

    It really does seem that you have had your hands full with your Mother-in-law and we do hope that, despite all the extra work, you had some time to yourself.

    Your Patties look to be absolutely delicious and we love anything which makes use of beetroot. Indeed Tímea often makes us an excellent beetroot soup but we also like it as a vegetable, hot or cold. Such a shame about your pudding not quite working out - we know the feeling only too well.

    Kellemes húsvéti únnepeket!

  3. ALL IS WELL WITH MY BLOGGING SOUL NOW! Irina, you know how I have missed your presence here! Those hedgehogs, OK, I think I can eat those! You know how I love nuts and these go perfectly with my love-jones for the crunchy goodies! Everything (those salmon goodies) look so good. WHEW, what a winter, huh?And that squirrel! hahahaahaha.....they are back in full-force in my yard and I am welcoming their escapades with full pleasure. My friend, it was so good to see you yesterday, and now to see you here with a colorful sneak preview? I cannot wait to see the rest.

    Much love and many blessings to you! Anita

  4. Welcome back to your colourful world of inspiring cuisine and gorgeous photos. I especially loved your animations and your sense of humour through what has undoubtably been a trying time. You still manage to uplift your blogging buddies and put big smiles in our hearts and on our faces. May your Easter weekend bring joy, and an even bigger promise of spring. Cheers dear one.

  5. Never a need to apologise Irina, we all knew you must be busy! I hope you have your owns space back after your Florence Nightingale routine, poor you :-)
    Now onto the food. Did you really have to show such delights, I'm drooling now!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  6. I've missed you dear woman!

    Loved your images of what you've been up to : )

    Happy Springtime! (in spite of your snow)
    ~ Violet

  7. Good evening dear soul! Thank you for coming to visit my posts. I hope my attempt at a "real" poem was not too maudlin, but that's poetry for ya....

    I WAS WONDERING about those hedgehogs! Instead of white sugar, could you use honey? HMMMM! I wonder?

    Thank you for your kind comments. I have missed them.

  8. Dear Irina,
    I hope you had a nice visit with your mother-in-law. I have missed your blog posts, but understand that you've been busy. This meal looks so delicious, and really hit home for me. I miss some of the Greek dishes that I grew up eating. How wonderful that you made your own honeycomb. I love honey and haven't had it in awhile. The hedgehogs look good too. That's special that you remember your Grandmother making it. I love that picture of the dog cooking hehehe.

    I'm glad you're back, and I hope you have a happy Easter. May your day be filled with so much love.


  9. Dear Irina,

    How lovely to see you are back and I enjoyed seeing what you are up to - the food looks delicious.
    As for the honeycomb ( we call it hokey pokey ) and sometimes it can be a little fickle to make. I have made it and it is soft and chewy.
    Wishing you a happy Easter dear friend

  10. Thank you so much for visiting dear friend, and Happy Easter!

  11. Thank you dear Irina, for your kind thoughts about Mary.. You are so sweet.

  12. My dear Irina, good to see you back! You must have cooked up a storm and sipped lots of teas. Sounds like me 😜
    Once I start baking. It's just hard to stop. That DH recipe sounds yummy and very healthy, hope I can try that. Well, my dear I would like to wish you a happy Easter.


  13. Oh that little squirrel just makes me laugh. GOOD MORNING IRINA! We are just on our way out to start our Easter ritual at the lake. Thank you for coming to visit, and as always, it was lovely to hear your voice. THANK YOU for the greatest gift of all that is abundant in you...LOVE.


  14. Oh Irina what a busy post here! A delicious meal you have...now I will have to go back and look at it! I just love how we both come up with different menus! I've never made honeycomb before but your substitute sounds perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth! I'm sure you will have some Spring Blooms very soon! Bon Appetit Irina and thank you so much for joining me in our delicious cook ups! Much love, Dzintra xo

  15. SOOOO wonderful to see you come by....
    That chubby, furry friend in the photo is my beloved cat, Bella. She was caught in the picture! LOL
    LOVE the recipes you share (although they go right to my .... ha ha)
    Sounds like you've been VERY busy, my dear.
    Hope the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up for you. SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU???
    Time to work and play in the store....
    Hope you have a wonderful week, my dear friend!
    Love to you...xoxoxoxo

  16. Happy Easter beautiful Irina,

    What a gorgeous honeycomb and meal you have made. I am trying to stay away from sugar right now. I'm learning to cook up so new meals and having a fun time at it. I hope it has warmed up there for you. Wishing you a lovely week.


  17. Oh! It all sounds so delicious! I'll bet your MIL had such a lovely time she didn't want to leave. :) I hope you get some peaceful times ahead of you now for your own treats and of course playing with colour, one of my favourite things! x x

  18. Well, I'm new here, and I'm already looking forward to future posts. So much fun to visit.

  19. Irina,
    The image of the dog cooking... I must find my photo... Years ago I sculpted a dog cooking... I will share if I can locate it... Oh this is such a hoot! Hope all is well.
    Thinking of you

  20. Irina,
    Still looking for that silly photo of my cooking doggie..
    Thank you so much for your most encouraging words about Bernard. Master? No, I think not, you are much too kind. But.... I am doing my best to improve with each day.
    bless you

  21. Hi sweet friend!
    Love the peek into
    your routines of the
    past week. I am sure
    you made your MIL feel
    at home and treasured!

    Happy Spring (finally)!!!

    xo Suzanne

  22. Irina...

    Darling...i am here...visiting..
    what is this magazine...it looks

    How is the journal...are you loving
    your time with it...it does possess
    some magic doesn't it!

    oh, I was hacked, my account so
    I changed the name on my account,
    let me know if you need the link...

    Can't wait to see your creation!!!


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