Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wisps of Summer....

a blissfully bright summer day

photo: ANZ

lush and sparkling

photo: ANZ


photo: ANZ

what a joy to ponder

the miracle of it all

photo: ANZ

Here's to savoring sweet August...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Christmas In .......August?!


This really has been the atmosphere around here for the past few days...thanks to several wonderfully kind and generous friends!

I am overwhelmed and honored by all of the beautiful treasures that have come my way....

I begin with beautiful Dzintra, who has so generously asked me to participate in her monthly "Donna Hay" cook up! 
For those who aren't familiar....

"Donna Hay is Australia's leading food editor and best-selling cookbook author. 
Her food, recipes and styling focuses on basic ingredients, simply prepared and beautifully photographed – hallmarks of her work which have set the benchmark 
for food publishing worldwide 
and inspired a whole new generation of cooks."

You can find more information here.
I have long admired Ms. Hay's stunning magazine at the local book shop, but now I have a terrific reason to actually purchase it. 
Every image is a work of art, and the recipes are delectable!
I hope I can make Dzintra proud with my cook-up, 
for she is a fabulous cook and stylist.
(and you should see her sewing projects!)....
Do visit her wonderful blog and say hello...
Thank you, sweet Dzintra!

My next surprise came a couple of days later.....

This lovely package contains a hand-made pillow 
from marvelous Teresa.
She was so generous to have a give-away, and I am honored to have won her beautiful custom handiwork!

This photo really shows the richness of the fabric...
I love the colors...and Marie Antoinette adds the perfect 
French touch, bien sur!

Teresa lovingly embellished this charming pillow with some precious antique lace and's so beautiful!
Merci mille fois, dear friend...
You can visit her artful blog here.

When I received yet another package, I really did begin to think that Santa's elves had forgotten this was only August! :)))

Dear Elizabeth  put together a lovely and delicious 
Fall care package...
thank you so much, beautiful friend, 
for your kindness and thoughtfulness!
What a surprise!!!

Just the perfect card for a fellow Francophile!

Elizabeth and I are also sisters in chocolate....

Just one of the chocolate goodies she included....

Nestled among the lovely treats was luscious hot chocolate....

Can't wait to try this!

And the pièce de résistance was a stunning book of Fairy Tales!

The beloved stories, exquisite illustrations, and fascinating annotations 
will keep me happy for hours!!

MERCI, dear Elizabeth!
Please visit Pine Cones and Acorns to read Elizabeth's 
always fun and fascinating blog...
and to delight in her sumptuous baking creations as well.

And if all of these enchantments were not enough...

Dear Marcia, aka "Queen of Kindness", blessed me with one of her magical (and royal) tags...a party favor from her Snow in July party!
Isn't it gorgeous?
Thank you, my friend!
Her blog, The Shop Around the Corner, is always inspiring and absolute joy.

Speaking of "royalty"..... 
Have you heard of "La Reine de Papier".... the Queen of Paper?
Marcia has "officially" given this name to our beloved Anita!
And this is one of the reasons why.....

Available on Etsy

  Ummm....hello! Is this not magnificent?
Anita has been busy creating some masterpieces of her own...
all from beautiful papers....

Anita's Etsy

I think these make for a perfect royal pair....

 Thank you, dearest Anita, for these magical fairy slippers!

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in August, my friends!


Have a beautiful rest of the month!
- Irina
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