Thursday, March 28, 2013

Live In Love

The precious symbols of this splendid time of


are beautiful and diverse...

Let us remember that

which unites us




Many sweet blessings and much love...


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Food and Friendship

It is time once again for 
a lovely Donna Hay cook up with dear Dzintra......

From the gorgeous issue # 66

Please visit Dzintra's cook up 
to see her fabulous dinner...

She is so kind to welcome anyone who would like to participate!

This time, green curry was calling my name 
(we are back to snowstorms much for my Spring post...heee)

So I opted for the Green Chili and Coconut Turkey Curry

here it is in the magazine


And my version served on basmati rice

so delicious....
and very simple...
(and green in the spirit of St. Patty's Day!)
(a little Irish tune awaits at the top right of this page...courtesy of YouTube)

 As for dessert...
Caramel Slices!


 Aren't they gorgeous...
Well, mine came out nothing like those lovelies... 
oh well!

 Not even close really... :)
But, they definitely made up for it in taste!
Imagine a most decadent cramel-chocolate-shortbread candy bar....with a touch of coconut on top...oh yeah.

Very little goes a long way!

Really, these cook ups are a lot of fun, but they are truly meaningful because I get to share in this "virtual dinner" with such a dear and special blog friend...thank you Dzintra!

And speaking of blog friends....I absolutely must introduce the very talented and kind Anne at A Little Fur in the Paint!
When you visit her, you will see what she means by that blog name! ;)
Her witty and charming posts will always leave you with a smile
Anne is also a very gifted artist
Many of her unique creations involve clay...

Is this not the most amazing little Fairy House
 I was beyond excited to have won a couple of beautiful pieces of Anne's jewelry at her latest give-away!

A gorgeous "Flora~Luna" pin...
(with my favorite flower, no less!)


and a sweet and lovely flower heart pendant 

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Anne! :)
Right now, she is so generously providing a detailed tutorial for the is always fascinating to see the artist's process and technique...  

Wishing everyone much luck and much love!



Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Little Ooh La La


It's getting closer ...


Can you sense it?


The sun feels a little warmer...


Birdsong becomes more symphonic....


For many of us, Spring is right around the corner....



One can't help feeling 
a little lighter,
a little happier,
perhaps even a little flirtier?



Budding branches....


Bursting Spring blossoms...




Thoughts of April in PARIS!


Whether Springtime in Paris is a reality or not, adding a little more 
"Ooh La La" to our lives can be a great way to begin the season of renewal, non?


Author and all-around Queen of Joie de Vivre,
Jamie Cat Callanis always an inspiration...

 Read all about the kind and talented Jamie here

This is Jamie's newest book, and is now available for pre-order on Amazon
Her infectious enthusiasm and entertaining writing style always put me in a good mood, and picking up tips and secrets "a la Francaise" brings joy to this Francophile!

I am honored to call Jamie a blog friend, and have been a fan of her delightful books since the release of "Bonjour, Happiness!"....

available here 

 Wishing everyone a happy March, filled with Joie de Vivre!




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