Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopeless Romantic

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Whether this is a day of romance for you, or simply a day to say that  extra "I Love You" to those near and dear, it is hard not to fall under its spell....

I remember really loving this holiday in school... secretly hoping that my crush of the hour would drop an "extra special" little card into the decorated paper bag. Year after year, the card never came :)), but a hopeless romantic I remain!

Inspired by the well-deserved Downton frenzy, as well as this most sweet of days, I find myself endlessly browsing the wares at Victorian Trading Company.

Have you  ordered from this gorgeous catalog?
From stunning reproductions, to kitsch and handmade folk art, their pieces take me to a time of  perfumed, handwritten letters and strolls in sun-dappled parks under lace parasols....are you with me?

Here are some of my favorites...
Anything strike your romantic fancy?




  1. Happy Valentine dear Irina...
    Yes I have...Oh how I love that magazine.. Was browzing while enjoying my coffee this morning.. I must say that I just love that coat. Oh gosh, I just love everthing!
    Thank you for your visit and your kindness.
    Bisous! Penny

  2. Goodmorning Irina.Loved this post,all the beautiful romantic things.... so lovely.I do hope you enjoy the day and have a Romantic Valentines Day!Blessings!

  3. WAIT!!!!!!!!! I HAVE GOT TO RUN TO SCHOOL, but I have GOT TO COME BACK here for you have touched upon the MOST ROMANTIC items that a girl could ever want! THOSE COATS....those GLOVES! Dearest, you have the best eye...ok, we need to chat about this one. LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!! BACK LATER my beloved friend! Anita

  4. Ooooh! I too love to peruse their catalogues... but have never ordered anything! I adore the romantic clothing and hats....

    Happy Valentines Day my dear!!!
    ~ Violet

  5. Dear Irina,

    Happy Valentine's Day! This post is just stunning. I had completely forgotten about this wonderful catalog. I have saved it in my favorites. I will enjoy looking through it with a cup of tea. Wishing you a day filled with romance and sweetness.

    Big Hugs!

  6. Sweet Irina,

    How could I not know about this catalog and what I have been missing! It is as if one has taken a trip back through time into the finest boutique. J'adore the elegance of it all and I feel a need for the aura of romance...

    May you have a whole week of Valentine's love and tenderness, ma chère.


  7. Oh dear Irina...the music here is just bewitching...I am a hopeless romantic for this kind of music...and that gown (the blue one) beautiful is that...Hope you had the most love filled day...hugs Dear One, Dzintra xoxox

  8. Hello Irina sweetie pie! How nice of you to pop by. I'm still in bed languishing on a grey Saturday. It's wonderful. I am watching a movie called "Timeline". A group of archaeologists have gone back to medieval France via the gift of a time machine! I want one of those for christmas. I also want a holodeck and a replicator. You would have to watch Startrek to know what these are.

    I love that velvet opera coat. I want it!
    Have a great weekend dear friend.

  9. I am kind of late , but I am here my romantic friend...We can never tire of a great romance, can we ! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing catalog ; I love this mocha latte dress , and this Etoile et Ciel Gown, and these gloves, ..and the socks..., oh boy, I love everything here ...
    And romance in not just for Valentine's Day , it's for everyday, right . Much Love to you !

  10. Oh!Oh! Thank you for reminding me about this company!!! I have not seen them since the '90s! But what marvelous stuff!! Those gloves [ Whoops...I guess Anita wants those!] And that Opera Coat [ Whoops...I guess Di has dibs on that] Well, I guess I will content myself with a Bird's Nest fascinator!! So cool, all of it! I'm off to see their site... But here's a little Valentine for you...
    Thanks for you sweet visit to French at Heart!

  11. So glad that you got to "meet" ma belle fille... had to visit again to see that bird's nest fascinator. We saw lots of embellished hats and fascinators at the Mardi Gras parties, but not any like this!


  12. Oh my! What gorgeous items!! I have to look at that catalog!! I, too, am a hopeless romantic. Always have been...always will be. Thank you for following my blog!
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Irina I think my middle name is "Romantic" Lol! I am swoony Mc-Swoonerson over all your selections from the Victorian Trading Co! And I have purchased from them before (Quelle surprise *winks*) Some needlepoint pillows years ago, and they were pretty nice if a bit pricey. That hazelnut creme coat is calling my name! Isn't it divine?! I'm going to show it to my mother in law and see if she could reproduce it for me. If not I might just have to bite the bullet and buy it *winks* And I know I could make that birds nest fascinator....Adorable!Thank you for the reminder my friend. I used to love to peruse their catalogs....And I still do. Vanna


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