Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dreaming of Snowflakes

Happy Wednesday!

We finally got some much needed rain....after a sweltering few bet I was dreaming of snowflakes.
I hope everyone who is affected by the heat, humidity, and drought is staying safe, cool, and hydrated.

This was our view of the sky last night....


beautiful....but a bit eerie!

Speaking of snowflakes.....

The wonderful and talented Marcia at
will be hosting a Snow In July white-themed party!
Doesn't that sound refreshing right now?

This is my first time participating, but I am on board...


The train has left the station, and I look forward to sharing some magical winter memories...

  Jessie Wilcox Smith


Do stop by Marcia's this Friday....the party lasts through the weekend!

I have also been playing with some ideas for fairy houses. Just picked up a couple of bird houses and fun supplies at Michael's...I will share the pics when I am done.
In the meantime....isn't this so lovely and charming?

 I purchased these whimsical tags from our splendid Anita
They are lightly glittered, and would be perfect for just about any occasion...
Anita's Etsy Shop is brimming with gorgeous goodies...
do take a look!

See you Friday!
- Irina


  1. I will be there on Friday too Irina. Anything white and snowy is my all time favourite. Interesting to hear so many say how hot it has been over there. It has been dismal here, we had to put our heat on one night last week. We have not had a summer so far this year but apparently this weekend will be nice.

    Look forward to seeing you Friday my dear!

  2. Hello dear Irina,
    What a beautiful post.. Oh that sounds like such fun.. Yes... Anita's tag is so adorable... Love it!
    The photo of your sky up here.. I see a partial horse head. From the eye to the nose.. Can you see it on the right side?
    Have a wonderful day dear friend

  3. Thank you for letting me know you'll be posting from here, my friend. I have updated your link.
    LOVE Anita's tag, of course.
    Stay cool...think snow...and hold that guess of yours. Can't wait to see what you guessed. ;)

  4. Wow, Irina! That sunset photo is stunning!!! I am glad you got your rain. Come to Oregon and you'll get plenty of it...haha...

    Looking forward to the link party. I love those little birdie tags...when I saw them, I was thinking that it looked like Anita's work, and it IS! So cute!!!

    Loved seeing your sweet comment today. Thanks so much!

  5. HI!!!
    I have go to check out ANITA'S etsy shop...know her blog is her creativity!!
    Your White blog is pretty to look at...makes this heat a little easier to handle!!!
    Glad you got rain too!!

  6. This sky looks amazing,it must have been beautiful to actually experience. I'm not yet ready for snow,still waiting for more sunshine.
    Enjoy your rain!

    Have a lovely day,


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