Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Beautiful Heart

Aaaah.....Fairy Tales!

They have the power to enchant us, entertain us, teach us, and give us hope that perhaps all will be well in the end.....

 Edmund Dulac

Do you love fairy tales?
Do you have a favorite?

My favorite fairy tale of all time is Beauty and the Beast...

Rebecca Guay

For those who are only familiar with the sweet Disney version....

The story of  "La Belle et la Bete" was first published in France in the year 1740 by writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.
The tale was darker, and more complex than the version most of us know...and the introduction of an additional male suitor was probably borrowed from Jean Cocteau's 1946 film version.


The scene where Belle admits her love for the Beast....oh, it always gets me. Recently, my daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing the musical version performed by a student theater group.
Let's just say I wasn't the only one needing a tissue as the Beast lay in agony under Belle's tears!
Of course, everyone lives happily ever after,  and the audience is hopefully left with the feeling that redemption, hope, and happiness are possible if one lives with a loving heart.

 Mary Gow

I would like to dedicate this post to my beautiful mom....
Her favorite books were fairy tales, and like those powerful stories, she was full of wonder, magic, hope, and love.
I love you and miss you very much.... 

 Ivan Bilibin

Wishing everyone a beautiful, magical week!
- Irina 


  1. DO I LOVE FAIRY TALES???? hee-hee

    This is beautiful, my friend. Love Beauty and the Beast as well, though I do have to give some thought to my favorite. I don't many. BUT, now I can go dream about them as I make my choice. Yay!

    Beautifully dedicated to your mother who must be smiling at you.

    Poof! That was me grabbing your wish for a magical week and returning one to you too. ;)


  2. I didn't know that your favourite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast! What beautiful picturesies, Irishenka! :D

    *hugggggggggggggggies* ^-^

    ♥ Annusya ♥

  3. Ahhh, Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version. When Meg was 3 she was obsessed. We were probably rubbish parents but we let her watch it daily for years. She turned 21 yesterday and we watched it together and sang along last week :-). You have again brought back a wonderful memory for me.

    W also went to see Sleeping Beauty and the Huntsman last week, it was brilliant! I love a good fairy tale, but as you say, their meanings were often quite sinister. The Grimms were well known for it.

    A wonderful post Irina. Hope you are having a fairy tale weekend!

  4. I love fairy tales too :)) and I love The Beauty and the Beast too :)
    within me there is still a child.....;)
    a beautiful week end!

    p.s. Your flowers are beautiful......I really like colors....

  5. Good morning my lovely sister!

    Well first of all, we both share our loss in the same month....mine flew from my grasp on Fathers' Day and though she did not read let alone think of fairy tales, her demeanor and innocent composure taught me much about fairy tales...that if one is KIND and GENTLE, you can make magic happen in the heart of those around you. I believe that her life and most of all her DEATH was one of my favorite fairy tales:

    "Never under estimate a person's strength. Just because they are quiet and unpretentious doesn't mean they are weak."

    She showed me how strong and brave she was. She welcomed her final moments with dignity and literally faced it with courage. NOw that is a fairy tale.


  6. i adore fairy tales! my life had been a fairytale (seriously it has in aspects both dark and light). i believe in magic and miracles and because of this i have experienced so much magic and many miracles.
    i think that you are a girl that has opened the doors to the magical and miraculous too, both are very evident in your blogging.

    i have many favourites, cinderella is very dear to my heart and beauty and the beast has such a lovely message. you like beauty are able to see in the good in things and your mother's love continues in you, you have the same wonderful qualities.
    thank you for this post, it has brought sweet fairy light into what has been (so far) a rather grey sunday.

    warmest blessings to you dearest xx

  7. Dearest friend, everything here touches my heart ! I grew up with fairy tales; perhaps that's why I am a hopeless romantic believing magic happens everyday ... My favorite fairytale I would say is The Princess and the Frog ...It conveys the same massage as Beauty and the Beast , I believe , of hope and love ; how things may not be what they seem, and wonderful things may come in less than wonderful packaging. Inner beauty is what matters ...Thank you for bringing back a lot of delightful memories . I know your mother is happy knowing your loving heart .
    Much love to you ! Let magic never leave your life!
    ...Oh, dear sister , I used to cry on Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka

  8. Hi Irina! Oh, I love so
    many and this is one of
    my favorites, too. It was
    charming to hear the
    history and I love the images
    and music that you paired
    with your thoughts. I think
    that I may need to seek out
    our old book of fairy tales
    for another look, this week!

    Hope you are staying cool,
    sweet friend!

    xo Suzanne

  9. I had no idea about the history behind that. It is one of my favorite Disney movies...along with Cinderella and Snow White. So sweet of you to mention and dedicate this post to your Mother. Have a safe and happy 4th.

  10. a happy 4th of july to you sweet friend xx

    i'm sorry to keep it short but i have family arriving soon, i will call back again later

  11. I love fairy tales1 I've heard a lot in my childhood which is why I consider myself a very happy person. I still believe in the lessons of that stories more than anything I've leart trough my adult life. Btw Beauty and the Beast - I love it too! thatnks for the history!

  12. hello dearest

    how lovely to stop by this magical post again. i re-red audrey's quote and think i feel just the same.

    i am glad you have a lovely fourth of july. i'm trying to imagine smiley-faced fireworks, they sound amazing! what a wonderful evening it must have been.

    i am meeting my little grandaughter for the first time this afternoon.. hurray! i had hoped to see her on tuesday or wednesday but was unable to due to transport problems, it has seemed like such a very long wait. i will be lovely to have the little poppet in my arms and see those tiny fingers and toes, i am wondering if she resembles anyone else in the family.
    yesterday when my son took my grandson (little stanley) to nursery, he had the baby with him and a lot of the other children and adults gathered around to see the baby but stanley stood between them and the baby with his arms spread protectively and told them that they must all stand back and not crowd her or touch her as she is very precious. bless.

    sending much love your way my sweet friend xx i hope your day is filled with sparkles xx

  13. Irina, my dear, I stopped by this post again to let you know I have chosen my favorite fairy tale. So many favorites it's difficult to choose, but for now this is the one for me. I must wait to reveal it; however, because it is part of the shop's Snow in July post. I think I'll save it until then. ;) I worked on it all day yesterday, and while adding the final touches today it dawned on me...this is my favorite one.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, beautiful heart. :)

  14. Oooh, you are guessing. We are so alike. I'd be guessing too. hee-hee
    I have a Disney favorite beyond the shadow of doubt, but this one's not that one. Ooh, this one's not that one...sounds like a great post title, don't you think? hahaha Too much coffee...or simply me. ;)

  15. Well, you picked my favorite. And I will admit that if a fairy tale gets a remake in the theaters, then I will be going to the movies to watch it! :) I might be in my 40's, but I'll never outgrow believing that life can be beautiful!

  16. Oh yes, the beauty of fairy tales, we are never too old for them!

    ~ Violet

  17. Oh what a lovely post and photos as well!
    "And they lived happily ever after."

  18. it's a wonderful post regarding the importance of fairy tales.
    Keep up your good work Irina!

  19. Dearest now have me wanting to immerse myself in the these wonderful tales! One of my favourite characters (and I still have a soft spot) is Bambi...I just thought she was so cute and beautiful! A lovely post Irina bring back wonderful memories...Have a blessed day, Dzintra xo

  20. Oh my goodness, Irina, thank you for stopping by, love. I've been meaning to get back here to reply to your question about my favorite Disney fairy tale, but I've been so busy preparing several party posts and favors too.
    As far as Disney goes, by favorite was always Snow White. Something about a princess with black hair. ;) Actually, her gracefulness is captivating.
    Early childhood my favorite was always Little Red Riding Hood.
    Fast forward to adulthood...and tune in next Friday for my current favorite fairy tale. ;)
    XOXO's your way,

  21. i too love Fairy tails..
    and yes I do believe in happy endings..
    my life is a fairy tale come true..
    one day.. someday..when i'm ready..
    i shall post my story...
    til then...

  22. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  23. just a fleeting visit to say hello and wish you a wonderful week xxx
    i hope to drop by again soon, when things are a little less hectic.
    thinking of you and sending much love and hugs xxx i look forward to when i can return to blogland.


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