Monday, July 30, 2012

A Beautiful Discovery

MN Historical Society

Doesn't that look refreshing?
After more than a week of extreme heat and humidity, this was exactly the kind of sight I was  craving....
So on the first day that the temps dropped below the  90 degree mark, we were ready for an outing!


I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that after 30 plus years of living here, I had not yet visited one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Minneapolis.....


 These are the gorgeous Minnehaha Falls.....


I was trying to capture the mist here....
can you see it on the left side?

Nestled in limestone bluffs, this waterfall is a part 
of the 167 acre Minnehaha Park. 
 Minnehaha is the Dakota word for waterfall.....

Jacob Fjelde's sculpture of Hiawatha and Minnehaha based on Longfellow's "Song of Hiawatha".....not the most historically accurate poem, but the sculpture is beautiful.

 The park area is vast, and there is much to explore, including some lovely historical buildings and gardens.
We only had a couple of hours to spare, so I wanted to take in the beauty of the falls.....and if you follow the water just a bit more....



you can watch it flow into the mighty Mississippi...


Wishing everyone a magnificent week!

By the way, what did you think of the Opening Ceremony?



  1. Hello Irina:
    What a magnificent place to be able to visit and the waterfall is truly spectacular. And, we imagine, so very refreshing to be close by after all the intense heat which you have so obviously been experiencing. Yes, we can pick out the spray in your photograph, making it all look so very cool.

  2. HI!!!
    I LOVED the opening ceremony...I hosted a big family party!!made home made shepherds pie and all!!!!
    I also love those falls....the only time I was in Minnesota was in December....SO cold...this desert rat nearly froze to death!!!Spent 4 or 5 days there.....drove to Wisconsin one day....right through a cute town across the St. Croix river to Hudson, see the Octagon House!!!the next day we drove to Fargo....snowed so daughter and I thought we would end up dead....frozen solid!!!My goal was to get all 50 states before I turned 50...I did was fun to Christmas Shop in a town that looked like Christmas....felt like the North Pole!!
    Anyways....I never even got to see the falls or the mighty Mississippi!!
    next time!!

  3. What a beautiful waterfall,I love the way the water resembles lace. Thanks for sharing your visit.
    Lovely suits the scene particularly well.

    The Opening Ceremony? Assuming you mean the Olympics,I thought the ending was spectacular,the rest too political!

    Enjoy your day Irina,

  4. GOOD MORNING MY DEAREST! I love this place. I think our lovely city has so much to offer, and the first time I ever laid eyes on the CREEK, I was enchanted. I had heard of the falls but never went until only about 5 years ago. I could follow the walking trail for hours but the bugs prevent us from making the distance.

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC. In fact, you have introduced a whole new genre/style/ethnic style of music to me....the Russian music you have played on several posts. We must discuss some of your favorites on FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Anita

  5. Hello dear Irina,
    What a magnificent sight!!!! Now that is a place I would love to visit.. Yes, I can see the mist.. You captured it just right..
    Wishing you a wonderful day dear friend

  6. Oh Irina, what a beautiful place. Your photos of it are gorgeous. I scrolled through the post twice just to enjoy the views. I'd love to visit that spot. laurie

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Only found in nature :-) Thanks for sharing. Yes, I can see the mist. I thought the opening ceremony was a bit strange.....creative and unique, but not my favorite. But I still enjoyed it. Did you? Cheers, Loi

  8. Good evening dear Irina,
    I had to turn the music on. I love Chopin.. It calms my heart.
    I am doing ok, thank you for asking... I have had to put the kitchen on ~hold~ for a few days.. My arm and hand said, ENOUGH...
    It was feeling better this morning so I started back in but had to stop... Started to cramp.. It will get done... Not like it's going anywhere right?
    I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your most welcome visit.
    Sending you a big hug! Give dear Anita a hug when you see her.

  9. My dear dear friend ! This place is magnificent ! I love water and being close to it is a spiritual experience. Your pictures are lovely and I want more of yours :) I am tankful for visiting me and always thinking of me. It seems you are having a fabulous summer; mine has been perfect - a lot of traveling and visits but filled with beauty and love...
    Much love to you, my sister

  10. Hi, Irina! I’d like to be there in person feeling the splash of the water. We can refresh ourselves at such a place full of negative ions, It has been sizzling and sweltering in my part of the world, too.

    Thanks for your visit. Yes, we have common Friends and I’m happy to meet you, too.


  11. I love waterfalls! So magical. =)

  12. how lovely indeed!! beautiful pictures...
    we are glued to the Olympics.

  13. Dearest Irina...Mississipi, a place I have heard of and such can I ask, do you live in an area steeped with Indian history? I think they may have shot some of Dances with Wolves there but I'm not sure...a lovely post and nice and cooling for you! Happy weekend to you...Love Dzintra

  14. Hello Irina, my sweet friend,
    That looks so refreshing. On a hot day I would be so tempted to jump in!

    I loved the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I am so proud to be British at the moment. The "Olympic Effect" is so palpable here. The streets are empty. Everyone is inside watching the Games. We are glued to the tv from 9am til midnight every day and then watching extra on the BBC website. Absolutely heaven! I am sure we will have Olympic withdrawal at the end though. Not looking forward to that :-)
    Lovely music!

  15. Oh, I love this, Irina. I couldn't resist clicking on the pic from your other blog. I felt like I was breathing in cool fresh air, almost felt the mist. I have one of those imaginations that get quite carried away, you know. I loved the sculpture too. There's so much beauty around us to take in. I could get lost in a place like that.

    I've seen most of the Olympics but missed the opening ceremony due to the fact that it was during the weekend I was traveling. I watched a tad of it in our hotel room but was exhausted and fell asleep. My son thought it was nice but he said he had a difficult time not comparing it to the 2008 ceremonies from Beijing which were surreal. I don't think too many countries will top that.


  16. Love these beautiful photos of the water fall and the park. That is a huge park! 167 acres...Wow!
    Thank you for posting such loveliness!

  17. Hi Irina,
    What a beautiful falls and yes, I see the mist that you captured in that photo. What a wonderful retreat. So amazing...

  18. Oh Irina! This looks so beautiful! It makes you want to jump right in...especially after this extremely hot and humid weather we've experienced all summer long. I will bravely admit to wishing for an early Fall! I know I will get jabs for saying this...but I have had enough of this extreme heat.
    Your pictures are a breath of fresh air... just beautiful.
    We just returned home from the beach and it was wonderful to get away. Our weather was comfortable, luckily, and our hotel was really lovely. I sooo enjoyed walking on the beach collecting shells with my son and daughter.
    Summer is flying by...I hope you're enjoying every moment, my friend.
    Sending hugs and cool breezes to you~
    Lisa xo


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