Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hugs and Chocolate

"The only thing constant is change."
- Heraclitus

And change means transformation...

How we choose to dwell in this transformation determines 
our state of happiness.....

I hope the change of seasons finds you balanced and happy, dear friends....

During the rather eventful month of October, it seemed that things were changing at lightning speed. There were family matters that required immediate and constant attention.
(Hence, the lack of posts and blog visits.)

As I slowly get back into the swing of things, I just want to express how very special and important my blog friendships are to me.....

Sending out a hug!

And now.... some yummies!

Cooking with lovely Dzintra from the Donna Hay Black and White issue...

Wow... it was so stunning and creative...
As much as I love color, I could not help falling in love with the artistry in this issue.

The meal I prepared did have color, though... can rice and chocolate count for black and white? :)

"Sticky Roasted Thai Chicken"

and for dessert....

"Baked Chocolate Terrine"

Of course, I had to drizzle some ganache on top, and I ended up adding a tad more flour for a thicker consistency...

Both dishes were wonderful...thank you, dear Dzintra....

Wishing everyone a splendid and creative weekend!!!



  1. Hi Irina, how are you my dear friend? I can relate to you in terms of posting irregularly. My life seemingly getting busier each day leading towards end of the year. But thank God for some spare time that I'm able to visit some blogs.
    Your menu today looks yummy! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. You are so right. Change is inevitable and not something to be feared. All those goodies look so good and make me hungry!

  3. IRINA!

    I am having a BLOGFEST blast from the past this morning that is literally putting me in tears.

    I was over at Marcia's new blog and saw your comment, I just came back from The Dutchess where she once again created Miss Moussie's magic, and now I see YOU here!

    What goes better than chocolate and friendship? NOTHING. Cuddles and hugs are warranted all around these days; it's been a wild ride since September. Change is in the air; I just learned early this morning (2:00AM) that my beloved family member has passed. But wind still blows the leaves then returns them to the earth, but the cycle goes on. To be a part of a cycle is an honor, but the price is high. One thing is for sure, that friends (found in family and non-family) are all we have in this life, and unfortunately busy schedules take that away at times.

    I hope to connect with you soon. MUCH LOVE and chocolate!

    1. A blast indeed, Anita...all of you...I spy Sheri too. :)
      SO thankful for all of you.

  4. Irina,
    I am lovin' these Autumn pictures so much. It's my favorite season, actually, and I am savoring every minute. The Roasted Thai Chicken looks so delicious. And the Baked Chocolate Terrine, oh my! It's nice to see someone enjoy cooking so much. My son used to love culinary arts, and every now and then he'll surprise me with a dish.

    I'm sending a hug right back at you, and let's enjoy this season while we can.


  5. Grazie!!! Bellissime parole! Un abbraccio anche a te, una cara e preziosa amica di blog, anche se lontane ci sono tanti fili che ci uniscono!

    Buona giornata!


  6. Good morning dearest Irina!

    I just saw your comment and am so happy that we can at least connect in this way. I hope your Sunday is peaceful and will promise a good week. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving!

  7. Dear Irina,

    You have shared a beautiful post and love all the inspiration you have here. The Autumn leaves are so very pretty and how delicious your menu is
    Wonderful to have your friendship and I am sending my love and a big hug back to you.
    Have a lovely new week

  8. Oh yes dear Irina rice and chocolate does count!!! How can it not.....I love what you have tasty does it look! Thank you so much for joining me in these cooks ups with special!
    I have finally gotten around to posting what I have made.....I just seem to have less and less time to get to the blog these days! Hope you are enjoying your change of seasons as we are here although today it seems to be back to winter....Sending love your way......Dzintra xo

  9. Oh! wonderful gold! Gold leaves and chocolate, what could be better in autumn? i do love the changing seasons, an everlasting wonder.
    you meal looks simply delicious!

  10. Hello Darling Irina,
    Thanks for coming along on my travels. It was wonderful to see your comments. I love the changes that take place this time of year, transition for the better.
    Hope you are well and everything is taken care of. I'm playing catch up too.
    Much LOVE

  11. Oh my, the cover of chocolate deliciousness has me drooling. Your meal looks so scrumptious too. Yes, things are changing here too. It's always busy, but filled with a whole lot of love. Where can I find the recipe to your scrumptious meal? I would love to make it.

    Big hugs!

  12. Irina, I just love the image of the boy with his pup,he looks blissfully happy.
    And more delicious food.......the chocolate terrine looks scrummy - not a word I usually use but it seems appropriate here!
    Thanks for sharing.......

    Wishing you a happy and creative November,

  13. Welcome back, Irina! Blog friends are awesome - like pen pals :) Speaking of change, I don't like the short days and darkness :( Just makes me want to eat!! All the time! I just had a piece of lemon cake and now I'm munching on chips.

  14. Wondering if those pictures
    of the leaves are your own?
    The yellows were spectacular
    this year, here--better than the
    reds, even!

    I am sorry to hear that things
    were out of balance for you.
    It's been one of those falls for
    me, as well.

    Here's to balance, and chocolate,
    and sweet blogging friends!!

    xo Suzanne

  15. Your photos are exquisite, and your message so heartfelt. I sense you feel grounded in the beauty of this ever changing season. Enjoy the celebrations that will soon be upon us! xoxo

  16. Irina, dear girl I hope that family matters are settled and that you are well. I miss seeing you but life is busy for all. I hope that you take care of yourself!


  17. Irina~
    This post hit home with me...I am in the midst of enormous changes in my life and in my business. I'm looking forward to the New Year with open arms!
    Your photos are beautiful...thanks for putting a smile on my face today--I need it! :)
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving!
    Love and big hugs~
    Lisa xoxo

  18. Hello Irina,

    I hope things have settled down for you and that all is well. I'm thinking of stopping by your place for dinner tonight since I haven't prepared any dinner yet this eve. don't mind, huh? (I'm silly)...

    Have a most Blessed Thanksgiving sweet lady!


  19. So many changes for our family this year, friend, so I completely understand. One day I was saying goodbye to blogging, the other I was starting a whole new page. Change is good, transition is tormenting, but it's all part of the journey so I'm going to hang in there...and I'm glad I have such good company. :) Save me some of that sticky Thai chicken, please. Looks divine. Okay, if you insist, I'll have the chocolate terrine too. teehee
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, lovely.
    And blogging friendships are priceless to me too.


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