Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dosant Anyone?

 A Happy October to all!

Please allow me to go back in time for this post...
August was chock full of various fairs and festivals, and I would love to share some glimpses of the 2013 State Fair...

The day was hot, but breezy...
Our first stop...
the sweet animals!

(look at that little pink nose!)

(playing peek-a-boo)

All of the horses were stunning, 
but we were especially drawn to the MN Zoo draft horses...
They live on the large farm area at the zoo, and are incredibly gentle.

Here is "Prince"

He may look a little melancholy, but there was actually a line of people waiting to rub his nose, and he seemed to be enjoying that very much!
I took the photos between visitors...
I think he just wants to be petted again!
So beautiful...

Another must-see is the Creative Activities building, 
where the entries for ribbons range from the silly....

to the sublime....


(what do you think of the quilts, dear Dzintra?)

I would have loved to have posted more gorgeous quilts, 
but the lighting was not cooperating...all of the pieces were behind glass, and it was a challenge to avoid glare.

In the Fine Arts Pavilion, we were treated to even more 
beauty and creativity....

 "Picnic in May on Lilac Way"
by Marsha Lynn Weist-Hines

"Dave's Orchard"
by Pam G. Harris

"Over Easy"
by Erik Saulitis

 "The Newton House"
by Japheth A. Storlie

 "Flowers, Pears, and Kale on Table"
by Michael R. Pangerl

This piece below was my favorite, combining my love of music and the sea...
(and I love the colors of the "sails"!)

What do you think of it?
(It can be yours for $7,000!)

 "Song of the Flying Dutchman"
by Kyle L. Fokken


one of the gorgeous windows in this historic building

The painting below is this year's official commemorative "poster"...

I think it's so lovely...
Created by Swedish artist Marie Olofsdotter
(she now lives in Minneapolis)

 Next, it's time for some amazing seed art in the Agricultural building...
Can you imagine how much patience it takes to create these pieces?  


and a silly one! 

 isn't he cute?

We were so happy to see that a dear friend has won yet another blue ribbon in the Junior division...
(3rd year in a row!!)


Whew, thank you for joining me in this little tour!
The fair would not be complete, though, without the decadent, salty, amazing cheese curds...


and...the "Dosant"!
Our local French Meadow Bakery's version of the "Cronut"....have you tried these yet?

Deep-fried, sugared croissant dough.
Yes, please.
It was so good.

Enjoy the week, dear friends!

  (fairy house at the Fair...it's actually a sauna!!!)



  1. You had me at Deep-fried, sugared croissant dough :)

  2. Dear Irina,
    I'm so glad you showed us some pictures of the State Fair when you went this summer. Look at those sweet animals! Prince is so beautiful. I love the quilts, especially the "bride and groom" one. My sister sews quilts, and I have always thought it to be a talent. The picture "Flowers, Pears, and Kale on Table" is pretty, and I like all the colors he used. I've never tried the Dosant before, but it surely looks delicious. I think the powdered sugar makes it. I smiled when I saw the fairy house because I'M A FAIRY LOVER!! I'm glad you enjoyed the State Fair, and the art exhibit is one section that I would have loved to browse through.

    Happy October!


  3. Oh my beloved friend,

    I am trying to make my rounds before I go pick up Ruben from work. I needed to just come HERE FIRST before I get any news....to see PRINCE CHARMING and his cohort here is making me smile so big....I want to PET HIM NOW! Do you know Willow's blog and her mini horse, Honey Bee? You must visit her!

    It has been too many years since we visited the state fair. What lovely creatures you share here, and the art? Magnificent. I love our city, our state, for there are so many lovely people and artists. Love you my friend, Anita

  4. So fun! So fabulous!! I'm so impressed with all that creativity and talent. Oh, and, humor! I love that quilt with the star and wavy border - really graphic and bold. I used to collect Amish crib quilts years ago. Thanks for sharing your state fair photos, Irina.
    Happy October!

  5. Oh Irina what a day out for you with all that creativity....the sweet animals....oh those quilts are stunning! I know JoJo would adore that Christmas one! Interesting food you show us...I haven't seen those here! Don't you just love days out like this...so good for the Soul to be out and about! Happy Thursday to you Sweet Irina ...Dzintra xo

  6. Irina, I enjoyed this virtual trip to the State Fair so much. Your photos are incredible. Your shots of the horses - just beautiful. What gorgeous quilts! That butterfly quilt make my heart sing. Amazing art work. I love that house inside the old t.v. For years, I looked for a small, old t.v. that I could use for some of my Christmas village. That piece has inspired me to try again. I want that fairy house in my backyard, but I don't want it to be a sauna! In Ark, just being outside feels like a sauna most of the time. I've never heard of a Dosant, but oh my gosh, I want one right now! Loved this post. laurie

  7. Hello Irina!
    My goodness,what a splendid tour,thank you!
    The animals and quilts are beautiful....and the poster looks fun too.
    I think I'd like the fairy house in my garden as a summer house.

    Enjoy your October,

  8. I remember that summer adventure of yours and I loved the tour even more this second time around.
    Prince...instant smile for me.
    Love you, my friend.

  9. thank you so much for stopping by and wishing me happy birthday. Also.....thanks for taking me along with you to the local fair. I love all the creativity that is out there it simply amazes me. We used to attend out local fair up in Washington and enjoyed it so very much. Our fairs down here tend to be a great big affair and they are in central Phoenix so I don't get in there often.

    Have wonderful weekend.


  10. Irina, what a delightful tour os the fair! I love that sweet bunny, and the quilts just made me swoon. I used to quilt and quite after making a king log cabin quilt for my soon-to-be husband. Yes, we still have it and have many grandchildren who use it as a palette for playing games when they spend the night.

    I have never had a cheese curl but think that I would like a taste!


  11. I have never been to a state fair - ours is in the north and too far for a visit. We go to our county fair once every few years, but everything has just gotten too expensive.

  12. Happy October! What a gorgeous shining orange! Thank you for sharing these interesting creations.

  13. Hi Dear Friend,

    It's been too long since I've come to visit you and this is such a great post. You must have had a wonderful time at the fair. Those animals were so sweet. Loved the rabbit. And that seed art was very cool! So nice to see your post and hope you're having a nice Fall. Hoping your week is a good one!

    Heidi :)

  14. Dear Irina,

    Happy October to you dear friend. Thanks for sharing all your lovely Fair photos - the gorgeous animals and wonderful quilts - there are some really talented people out there.
    The food looks yummy! - my children have tried the Cronut and one liked the other found it to sweet.

    Happy week

  15. Dear Irina,

    So sorry to be late to the fair. What a beautiful and fun filled day you had! Happy Fall to and your lovely family. Fall is beginning to show itself here where we live. It is beautiful, but still a bit warm during the day. I haven't posted in forever and have missed blogging.

    Have a lovely day,

  16. Dear Irina,
    What fun to go to the State Fair through your dreamy photos! And here I thought that cheese curds were a French Canadian thing! Your horse photos made me miss our Colorado days of going to the barn - my daughter did a lot of riding back in the day. Thanksgiving celebrations are under way here in Canada, so I'm feeling thankful for lovely blog buddies like you!

  17. Hi Irina, you must have enjoyed those exhibit of talents and creativity. The quilts are my favourites and the painting "flowers, pears and kale on the table?" It is soo me! And how clever was the corn on the cob? And can I try those deep fried croissant? And you know what I was trying to find the recipe which you posted of Donna Hay's, its not in my cookbook. I will be copying from your blog. Thank you dear friend for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



  18. Dear Irina, I finally found time to visit my favorite blogs (sorry for being late here). You've shared such a beautiful experience; the horses are stunning, indeed! Since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, I would love to thank you for being a wonderful, supportive blog sister!

  19. Irina! I didn't make it to the MN
    State Fair this year, so this was
    a TREAT, indeed! I love all the
    things that you featured in your
    post. Such talents. I think you
    should make a stretched-canvas
    print of the close up of Prince's
    sweet eyes--it would be amazing
    on the wall!

    Thank you for your always, always
    encouraging and uplifting comments.
    Means the world to me that you are
    reading thoughts. You have such
    an eye for beauty--a reflection of your
    own beautiful spirit.

    xo Suzanne

  20. Dear Irina,
    Talk about last one to arrive... This did not show up on my blog roll. Did I miss out or what! Oh my, what a great fair this was... I just love the still life painting and that SHIP made from a violin, amazing!
    Thank you so much for the tour dear friend, and also for coming over and leaving such a sweet note.
    bless you,

  21. Oh my!!
    What a display of beautiful photos!! Wow! I believe one of my favorites is Song of the Flying Dutchman! Absolutely stunning--those sails!
    I have a soft spot for the horses, of course.
    Deep fried???? You lost me there. My mouth started watering... ha ha
    This time of year I love to take my family to fairs, stroll through little, "unknown" towns where I seem to find the best antiques ...Autumn is MY time of year. I love everything about it!!
    Yes, I am now a COMMENT FREE BLOG". While I love to hear from other bloggers...I find that most people contact me by email--even to comment on my blog--since most have more to say than the usual "hello, how are ya?" :)
    PLEASE continue to come by and email me! lisa@bilanciadesigns.com I LOVE hearing from you!

  22. Hi Irina(")
    OH what a neat post just filled with pretties..I love the top pumpkin with the jewels and the pink nosed bunny a lot(:)
    yup HALLOWEEN is going on at my blog..thanks (:)

  23. Hello,
    Thank you for your comment on our pumpkin post today. It was such a hard choice because they were all so fun and unique. I loved the "fairy" one, and "too much candy" made us laugh, and the sweet one was so cute, but there was something about that mischevious smile on "grinny." We have alot of fun with this tradition every year, and I'm glad that I got a chance to share it with you this year.

    Enjoy the Autumn days.


  24. Hi Irina, So many wonderful items to see in your post. I adore the horses, the are such grand creatures. I hope to see you soon!

    New_2013 Designer Series

  25. Thank you so much Irina! I am so happy you enjoyed viewing my kitten...
    Wishing you a beautiful week.
    Oh yes, there are still more buds getting ready to bloom on the roses.

  26. Dearest Irina,
    First of all thank you so much for all of your visits and sweet comments! Life has definitely sped up for me, and I just have not had time to blog or visit. I am guilty of quick fixes like Pinterest and Instagram I am afraid! We are all well, the boys keep me in my car 4 hours a day with school and sports, but all is well. Middle school is interesting, I am not sure I like where this is going, but have no choice so trying to go with the flow! My son is good, but I hear all of the stories and am always fearful. Such is life! Hopefully they will take what they have learned from us and keep it in their hearts. This looks like an amazing day, the quilts are beautiful! All of the best to you and your family! xox Nathalie

  27. Dear Irina, so fun all that goes with the Fall Festivals! Wonderful images!

    Ps is this your main blog now?

    The Arts by Karena

  28. I am always delighted to see your comments, Irina. They are like a breath of fresh air to me.

    Have a peaceful and lovely weekend, dear.



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