Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fetching Fechin


One of the greatest cultural treasures of 
the Twin Cities is 


Housed in a former church, the museum founders chose to preserve the beautiful Spanish-Colonial Revival architecture.
Inside, the feeling is airy, spacious, yet cozy....


The only museum in the U.S. primarily dedicated 
to Russian and former Soviet art and culture....


They have a fantastic permanent collection, as well as rotating exhibits which are coordinated with museums all over the world.

On this particular visit, the featured 20th 
century Russian artist was Nicolai Fechin...



Are you familiar with this artist?
His name was entirely new to me, and I am so excited to discover Fechin's stunning body of work.











Soulful portraits, beautiful still-life, 
landscapes, sketches....
All 35 of Nicolai Fechin's featured works were food for my soul that day.

The artist was born in Kazan, Russia. 
The difficult post-Revolution situation forced Fechin to emigrate 
to the United States with his wife and daughter.
They eventually settled in Taos, New Mexico, where his home is now 
preserved as the Taos Art Museum,
founded by his daughter, Eya...

Portrait by Seamus Berkeley

A happy December to everyone!
May you find something in each day to feed your soul beautifully....


  1. Oh Dearest Irina what a beautiful finish of words to your post today!!! Thank you for introducing me to Fetchin....I have not heard his name before but then again I am not a huge art follower. His paintings are so 'real'...Wishing you a beautiful Dzintra xo

  2. Dearest Irina,
    No, I am not familiar with this artist.. But, some of art work looks so familiar.. I love the emotion in his portraits. Exqisite!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love and blessings,

    I love your music.. Chopin is one of my favorites.
    question... How did you get your Youtube on the sidebar. When I clicked share to my blog it put it in my post..

  3. Hello dear Irina,
    His work is beautiful and I find him strangely attractive to boot. I have never heard of him but will certainly research more of his work.

    How are you dear friend. I am finding I don't have much time for blog land lately and am missing my friends a bit. Maybe over the next few weeks things will slow down and I will have more time to catch up.

    Hope you are well and enjoying the lead up to the festivities to come!
    Much love.

  4. My dear, you have fed my soul this morning. WE MUST, PLEASE....WE MUST GO HERE TOGETHER! I have been in the Twin Cities for 16 years now and have not made it into this lovely museum. I pass it off the 35W but never have stopped in! There are so many lovely surprises to be found here in our city!

    It is stunning to see how a person's environment permeates their art. ALL of these works are just gorgeous, but that first young woman speaks to me. She LOOKS LIKE me...not exactly, but she celebrates to me, the dark skin, the ethnic look of a culture that is often forgotten. He brings an important sense of value in his subjects.

    What a treat for today! WE MUST GO HERE SOON! Anita

  5. Thanks for the amazing museum tour and the kind words over at Zendoll Workshop. I wish you and yours both comfort and joy this holiday season, and may all our Christmases be white - at least the northern ones. Cheers dear one. xo

  6. Wow...look at the expressions on these faces! Beautiful!
    I'm not familiar with this artist. Thank you for the introduction.
    Very busy these days with so many new opportunities (has Anita told you??). I'm trying to slow down a bit to actually enjoy the holidays. Tomorrow it's off to NYC to soak up the excitement of the city and enjoy precious time with my family.
    Hope you're enjoying this magical season as well.
    Sending you lots of Holiday Cheer!
    Much love to you, my friend~
    Lisa xo

  7. Precious friend! You came to dance a little Cuban beat with the Sugar Plum Fairy! certainly is NOT an expected version of the ballet, and I am not sure if some people appreciate it!!!!!!!! I thought it was an awesome version and what is wrong with a little spice during the holidays?

    Thank you for your kind visit. I will see you today after school! Anita

  8. Dearest Irina...thank you for popping in and seeing our beautiful lunch along with the 'gilded' I left that description! We had the best day....JoJo was taken care of...good food....great company...I did do a cook up last weekend and hope to blog it soon! Sending love to you on a lovely coastal day...Dzintra xox

  9. Dear Irina -
    Thank you for this wonderful tour of the Russian Museum of Art in Minneapolis. I am not very knowledgeable about Russian art, but would love to learn! Did you know I used to work in the museum world? I worked at the Smithsonian Institution in DC for over 5 years. If I ever visit Minneapolis, I shall make a trip to this museum.....would love to learn more about the collection!
    Happy December!

  10. OHHH! LOOK AT THIS HEADER! My dear, where is this? It is STUNNING! WOW!! And thank you for coming back for some more SUGA!!! I can't get enough of that music. Oh how I wish we had some snow but let's see what this weekend brings us! I can't wait to see you again!!!

    Love you!

  11. Thank you so much for coming by, Irina. It's always so wonderful to see your beautiful comments!
    I appreciate them so much.
    I just posted my last blog for the month this evening, I believe.
    Time to enjoy the holiday with my family.
    Work has been so hectic lately...I think everything can wait until next year... :)
    Wishing you a toasty warm weekend~Lisa xoxo

  12. I love to watch paintings and discover new artists and how they express themselves, their view of the world and their inner universe....these paintings are very realistic ... for their beautiful light ....
    Thank you Irina... a great and sweet december to you
    Kisses, virginia

  13. Irina! I LOVE THE LARGE PHOTO for the header! ANd this is the Ren Fest? FABULOUS! I like what you did with the "snow!" That little monkey does offer a lot of goodies for our photos!

    Thank you for stopping by the post again! Wishing you a productive and wonderful Saturday! Anita

  14. Hi, Irina, my Dear! These are beautiful; no, I was not familiar with the artist ~ he should be so much more well-known, shouldn't he?? Just wonderful! I had written to you earlier but I think my message may have gotten "stuck" in my outbox, and I was unable to open I wanted to visit you here and thank you so much for your sweet messages and to tell you "Yes", I would be most honored for you to put my Fairy House on your sidebar!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, sweet friend!

  15. I also wanted to tell you that I've added you to my sidebar ~ I honestly thought I already had you there! ♥

  16. Oh my, his work is gorgeous, Irina. I never knew of him either, but I absolutely love his art. Love the way this building showcases the art too.
    I've been able to sneak in a couple of visits early in the mornings before I go back to packing. We will soon head off to our new house so I could not resist stopping by Gypsy in Me today. :)
    Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend.

  17. Dear Irina,
    You are such a dear to stop in and visit, thank you so much... I hope your holiday season is full of joy and laughter...
    Love and blessings,

  18. Fabulous!
    I love the painting of the girl in the field.....

    Thank you for the inspiring beauty!
    ~ Violet


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