Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving Forward

said Albert Einstein....

 Although not in Hurricane Sandy's path, 
it seems like this past week my mind and heart have been right there....
Worrying about friends, family, and the people (and animals) of the entire East Coast has left many of us feeling helpless, shocked, and overwhelmed. Short of sending prayers, money, supplies...
there is not much else one can do to ease the burden
of what, for thousands of people, amounts to building new lives. 

My apologies for not visiting dear blog friends lately....and to paraphrase the wise Mr. Einstein...if I do not keep moving, I may just lose my balance.

To lighten the mood a bit, and perhaps inspire, I would love to share the work of a couple of bloggers who are very dear to me.

The lovely, kind-hearted Jocelyn at zendoll
creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind, inspirational jewelry and charms...

 Jocelyn's Etsy

This beauty is up-cycled....


Jocelyn also creates the most charming collage paintings...


Thank you Jocelyn, for your kindness and beautiful friendship....

Through the Eyes of a Young Photographer 
 is a brand new blog, featuring our everyday world as it is viewed through the eyes of a sixth grader...


I was not born with this "eye" for good photography....but my mother had it. 
She rarely left the house without her camera.

Skipping a generation...
my daughter is happily carrying on the tradition...

Wishing everyone a happy week...
Wishing strength and hope to our fellow sisters and brothers on the coast.


Can't wait to catch up with all of you!


  1. Dearest Irina....what a moving post...such devestation happening with the weather that it really does make you stop and think...and be grateful...Very talented friends you have there...that collage is simply delightful and WOW that photography by Alexandra...stunning!!!

    I do hope your mood starts to lighten up...thinking of you and sending love and hugs your way...Dzintra xoxoxo

  2. Hello Irina:
    The events of Hurricane Sandy have indeed been preying on our minds too and our hearts go out to all of those who continue to be in distress. We are relieved that you are safe and well and are moving forward!!

    What a talented pair you feature here today. The wealth of talent that one sees in the Land of Blog never fails to amaze and inspire us. Thank you for the introductions!

  3. Hello dear Irina,
    Thanks you so much for your support and kind words both on your blog and mine. I feel honoured to be one of your featured fellow bloggers. The musical accompaniment has made for a lovely visit and escape from the news reports about the devastation from Sandy. You're right, it's very unsettling, and difficult to reconcile such hardship for so many. Our thoughts and prayers are all we can offer. xo

  4. Hello Irina!
    Well,this is good advice at any time but especially in times of crisis - not always easy to accomplish! You are so good at finding just the right message and in perfect timing. Thanks for introducing two artists.....inspiring jewelry and vibrant images.

    I've just been looking at your past post,You're Invited- July 2011. Lovely summer houses and glorious table settings,just what I need to see on a wet and windy winter's day!

    Wishing you a peaceful week Irina,

  5. Good morning my precious sister!!!

    I am so late in coming to this refuge of a place where I can always find tenderness and inspiration. From our muse EINSTEIN to other artists, your respect for each of us who are blessed to have your admiration is a work of art in itself. I LOVE JOYCELYN'S COLLAGE PAINTINGS! Oh dear, that black and white tent....that is LOVELY!

    I am off to go get my flu shots and I JUST GOT A HUGE ORDER !!!! LOVE YOU, Anita

  6. Good afternoon my precious soul!

    I just got home and yes, I GOT A HUGE ORDER so now I am going to scramble to work downstairs to get things DONE! The shot was a breeze! I must get getting braver in my advancing years. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Anita

  7. Dearest Irina....thank you so much for popping by! Yes indeed, who knows Lidija may hit the stage one day....she saw Pirates and said it was 'amazing'...and coming from a 4 year old! Oh my knee is not right...the play ends this weekend so I will try and rest up a bit after that....The Wiggles, they do an absolutely marvelous show and the last one we went to they actually came into the audience...very exciting! Sending hugs your from Dzintra xo

  8. Thank you so much dear sweet Irina...I can understand what you mean about not having any pets as an adult after experiencing the loss of kitties at your mums place. Yesterday I bought a quilt to remember Paris by and some of that fabric stuff that you can photocopy pictures on to. I will put her pic on it and stitch it to the back of the quilt. Somehow this 'Paris Quilt' will make me feel that she is around...sending Hugs across the miles....Have a beautiful Dzintra xo

  9. Hi, Irina -
    Sorry I've been missing :) We were away in Sweden and Denmark last week. Thank you for introducing those new blogs. I have saved the info, and will visit them this weekend. I'm catching up on some work at the shop. Great quote, and love the first image :)
    Take care,

  10. Dear Irina,
    Through the eyes of a young photographer... am I reading this correctly? Your daughters blog? Beautiful photos... Alex is so very talented, you must be proud.
    Jocelyns jewelry is lovely... Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Thank you my friend for your visit and kind thoughts... You made me laugh when I read about your visit with little Bebe... You are so kind..
    Love and blessings,

  11. Hello Darling Irina,
    I too have been a remiss blogger of late. Life (the gym) seems to have taken over at the moment, to the point where I don't have much energy for anything at the moment. I must get my life in order, I miss my blog mates :-)

    Thanks for these wonderful recommendations dear friend. I hope you are all well and happy!
    Much love

  12. I just had to come by to tell you what a delight it was to see Alex's blog and beautiful photos... What a raw talent she has with a camera, and her imagination is endless... She really has an eye for beauty. I loved her photo today.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday dear friend and thank you for your visit again.
    Love and blessings,

  13. Dearest Irina...thank you so much for your concern....We are doing well! Just yesterday our Pirates of Penzance has finished after doing 4 shows and I am utterly exhausted...I am so far behind in emails....I just have to get used to now not doing the play...We have been rehearsing from May and just have get back into the swing of things here! But I have thoroughly loved being in this was awesome and I have learnt so much...Wishing you a lovely week dear and hugs, Dzintra xo

  14. IRINA! So good to see your comment this morning! Oh, your comments sparked an idea in my mind that has been sitting quite dormant for weeks.

    I miss YOU! And yes, I have been playing The Little Fountain, but today, it is HOMEWORK DAY! MAYBE if you are available this week, we could meet?

    Have a fabulous day my dear one. Anita

  15. Irina~
    Thank you for your recent comments, and mostly, for your concern.
    It is heartbreaking to see all the homes destroyed and lives ruined in the aftermath of this horrific storm.
    Please keep these people in your prayers...
    On a lighter, much happier note, I am thrilled to hear Anita is doing so well and has her first show this Saturday!!!
    I'm so incredibly proud of her... I am speechless!
    I'm sure she told you of my plans when she comes out here for a visit (??). I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying an extra prayer that YOU will be accompanying her on this trip!! What a wonderful time we would have. :)
    Thnak you so much for your constant prayers and thoughts for us on the east coast.
    I am so blessed to have such amazing, caring friends.
    Much love to you, my friend. xoxo

  16. Hello dear exciting to get the latest Donna Hay,...I know I am excited when I get my one...I have the Oct/Nov issue now and just have to decide what to make from it...Bon Appetit....Dzintra xoxox

  17. My, what talent your little daughter has, she puts my photos to shame. It takes a real eye to take a wonderful picture. One must think of composition, lighting,and, of course, the main subject.It is good that you encourage her!


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