Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mother Nature

Today I am thinking of everyone on the East Coast.
Praying for the safety and well-being of all....


We had a taste of winter this past week...

Can you see the little white snowflakes in the photo?
The flakes were actually quite large, and the strong northern wind was relentless...

 A little taste of winter in October.
That unexpected snowfall made me stop....listen to the wind...
watch the magical flakes perform their silent acrobatics...

I was overcome with reverence and gratitude....

Take care and be safe, dear friends....


  1. Oh Irina we are hearing about this over here...Prayers to everybody over on the coast...Thank you so much for coming over to visit....I've been at the theatre all weekend and still using my a couple of days off before we are back again....I think I will miss this play when it's all over....I'm falling so far back in blogging lately and also stitching and cooking....I have the new issue of donnahay so perhaps when this is all over we will have a celebratory dinner! Love and Hugs to you across the miles...Dzintra xo

  2. Irina, I join you in your thoughts of the East Coast and this storm. On the Gulf Coast we have weathered many and know how dangerous and disruptive a hurricane can be.

    I am just a bit envious of those fluffy snowflakes although the appearance of snow where I live (in October) would cause a panic - hah!

    Take care sweet friend who is always thinking of others...


  3. Oh I know! We had the news on today about the east coast storm, and I am praying!!!

    Bless you Irina!
    ~ Violet

  4. Good morning dearest sister....first of all, that header of yours is just so moving. I hope you are continuing to paint because you have it down.....the feeling and color of LOVE is there!

    YES! I AM PRAYING FOR OUR BELOVED FRIENDS and hoping that no one is hurt. Oh that this too shall pass, QUICKLY! ANd you know how I feel about Einstein; his words of wisdom never fail me. I have got to find a book on just his quotes alone!!

    LOVE YOU! Anita

  5. Irina,you conjure up a magical picture of snowflake watching.Hopefully the East Coast storms will be less severe than expected. We're experiencing some weird weather around the world these days ..... I wonder what Einstein would have made of it!
    I love your choice of music today.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Thank you, Irina! I really appreciate you checking in, my friend. It is quite windy outside, and the rain is coming down sideways in sheets. The big trees are making me nervous. Thank you, again!! Loi

  7. here we are in central Pa...and it is like an eeeire ghost town...dark and quiet and still and rain rain rain...

  8. Hello, Irina ~
    Thank you kindly for your note. I really appreciate you checking in. We are doing find, and so is our garden. Thank goodness!! We are very fortunate, indeed.
    Take care,

  9. Thank you so much for your concern, Irina. It has been a terrible week for us on the East Coast. It is truly heartbreaking to see our neighbors lose everything in this terrible storm. We are slowly picking up the pieces and cleaning up, but for those at the NJ Shore, NY...they do not have the luxury of picking up anything. They've lost everything. Please pray for these poor people who no longer have what we take for granted: a home.
    Thank you, again, for checking on me and my family. It means more to be than I can express in words...
    Much love to you, my friend. xoxo

  10. Dear sister,
    My thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. The superstorm brought to Toronto vicious winds and heavy rain...
    There hasn't been sun for almost two weeks and I miss it's quite depressing ... no snow, though...
    We all need shelter in the time of storm...
    Love the quote

  11. Precious sister, I will be seeing you in just a few short hours, but it is only fitting that I come back to greet you after you have left such a thoughtful comment on one of my favorite posts to date. Believe it or not, Maslow's Hierarchy influenced this one....

    AND Beethoven's madness and genius go perfectly to me, with the struggle we all have with fear. What a life we all have been given, non?


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