Sunday, February 26, 2012


I pray for the day
when we cease to see "other"

Martin Luther King Jr.

no color,
no caste

Mohandas Gandhi

to impede
the compassion and love

Wangari Maathai

fellow soul



all sparks Divine
were made to receive.

I pray for the day
when we cease to see "other"

when hatred and bigotry
no longer live

Eli Weisel

Nelson Mandela

Dalai Lama

John Lennon

in the hearts of mankind

in my sister
my brother

I pray for the day
when all we see is


  1. Irina, Well said darling girl! Such wonderful thoughts we should all live by.

    Lovely of you to stop by today. It was a good day indeed. The trunk was wonderful, but it really did smell. I too wonder what tales it could tell.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Much Love

  2. WOW. My favorite people are here but there are some I do not recognize, however, what does it matter. They are my brother or sister, made of the same divine cloth as myself.....and real love does not need to have known the person, but only to EXTEND itself. ohhhhh, what a MAGNIFICENT POST MY SISTER. Magnificent.

  3. Thank you, Irina, for these beautiful words. It doesn't surprise me one bit coming from you.
    I'm stopping over briefly today to let you know you were the guest of honor at the 2 for 1 party and I would be delighted to mail you those Two Better than One tags as soon as I hear from you through email.
    Thank you for all that you do, spreading encouragement and inspiration in this little corner of the world. Keep it up, lovely.
    Much love!

  4. Hi Irina!Lovely blog post.Some day never no.Blessings and love from me to you dear friend.HUGS!

  5. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post dear Irina.... Thank you so much for coming over to meet Jemima and your kind words.. So sorry I am late in getting back to you... I am so happy I did not miss this beautiful post!

  6. Bonjour Cher Irina!
    As always such a beautiful and poignant post!
    I hope you have an amazing wonder and love filled weekend!.. But.I know you will becaause that's the way you roll *winks* Vanna

  7. Dear Irina
    This is a post near and dear to my heart. Especially as a Christian it pains me to know that Sunday is still the most segregated time of the American week. That's not cliche. It's still largely true. If a relationship with God which Christians claim is LOVE does not allow us to shatter our walls of racial separation then something is truly missing in religion.
    Thank you

  8. I forgot on my last comment to thank you for the wonderful macaroons. I'm eating one a day. The pink ones were ROSE. How fantastic.
    Thank you so much

  9. My dearest friend, I have just come back from Mexico and to find this thoughtful, heartfelt post of yours in such a blessing...You are so precious! l Love and compassion is what the world needs. Thank you for thinking of me ! I hope you enjoy a wonderful time !

  10. My dear sister,
    believe me, it's such a pleasure for me to read your kind words. Thank you for that. The tree, I guess, is Jacaranda ( honestly, our guide had mentioned it, but I don't remember with certainty...)
    Have a splendid week !
    Sending love your way

  11. Oh dear Irina....If only this would happen...can you imagine!
    The weather has calmed down now and we are planning a fun weekend...hope you have one to you on this beautiful Saturday...Dzintra xoxo

  12. gosh Irina... you suppose we shall
    ever know such a world...
    when the power of love
    over comes the love of power...
    i so hope so...
    this was a wonderful post!
    happy, happy saturday!
    xoxo Eden

  13. My dear friend, thank you for thinking of me ...You are such a treasure ! I feel a little blue for no particular reason these days and just found a tiny inspiration to write a new post .
    Love your way ! Stay kind and compassionate !

  14. Thank you dear Irina for calling in this afternoon...wishing you a lovely weekend, it must be warming up in your part of the world now we are starting to feel the effects of dear 2nd favourite season after Summer...a gorgeous weekend to Dzintra xoxox


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