Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pursuit

"I've come to believe that seeking happiness is not a frivolous pursuit. It's honorable and necessary. And most people forget to even think about it." - Goldie Hawn

Do you believe this as well? I certainly do. What good are we to the world around us, (or to ourselves, for that matter), if we are a sad, depressed, grumpy lot! (Of course, I am not speaking of clinical depression here)
I have been reading the works of Alexandra Stoddard for many years. Her life motto is "Love and Live Happy"! This is how she signs off her newsletter each month. You can read her wise musings here.

Alexandra Stoddard and husband Peter Megargee Brown
at their lovely cottage home in Stonington Village , CT

A well-known interior designer and author, Alexandra's writings have evolved into a collection of over twenty books on the art of living with grace, beauty, love, and happiness, even in times of difficulty and sadness. Her light-filled home is a beautiful reflection of her philosophy.

Country Living

Country Living

Alexandra featured in Victoria Magazine

If you are not familiar with Alexandra Stoddard, I highly recommend her books...she writes with wisdom, clarity, and playfulness. An advocate of life's little luxuries, such as the handwritten letter, the fountain pen, and fresh flowers, Ms. Stoddard inspires us to elevate each moment of the day to something special and meaningful. Her books always make me happy....
You can find her lovely books here.

Another wonderful, witty author who brings me much happiness is Jamie Cat Callan.
An ardent Francophile, Jamie writes fabulous books on l'art de vivre from the French perspective.

You can find information on Jamie and her books here...

She also has a fun blog that takes us along on all of her adventures....
Jamie's Bonjour Happiness Blog

Pay her a little visit and say Bonjour! I know she is working hard on a new book...I can't wait!

And please do watch this for a HUGE dose of happiness...inspiration from a beautiful and brilliant 90-year young artist...Ilona Smithkin

Wishing all of you a HAPPY week!!!

Inspired by this sweet little bluebird of happiness...

Anita's Etsy


  1. I have many of Alexandra Stoddards books and you are right, she is very inspiring!

    I want to go check out Jamie's book and blog too, looks delightful!

    And who can not smile back at Goldie Hawns gorgeous smile?!?!

    ~ Violet

  2. What a beautiful blog entry. Today is my 58th birthday and I consider it a gift. All the authors I like, subjects I like, and I enjoyed looking at the beautiful colors and pictures included in your post. Thank you.


    I love that you WROTE a piece here. You have it. YOU HAVE IT!!!!!! And to top it off with Mr. sweet friend, you.

    OFF I RUN....

  4. Oh Irina, how could I not be happy after visiting your blog and reading this post! And lovely Anita's bluebird is here too... I have a tiny bluebird sitting in a nest, he makes me very happy when I look at him.
    I must find these books, the pictures look wonderful.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs, Abby and Spotty xx

  5. alexandra's book looks amazing! will check it out
    and such an interesting blog you have!

    style frontier

  6. Dear Irina
    Such a beautiful and inspiring post... You always make me smile.. Don't you just love Anita's little bluebird? Goldie Hawn has always given me a smile... I am not familiar with Alexandra Stoddards books, but plan to be very soon... Thank you for sharing and also for visiting... So happy you enjoyed your visit... Always good to see you their.
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  7. Ahemm... pardon the typo... I meant there...

  8. Beautiful, Irina. I came straight to this blog today, just feel the gypsy rising up in me. :)
    I have to browse through Alexandra's writings. Sounds like it's worth reading.
    Much love!

  9. Hello Irina:
    How could one fail to be happy reading your most inspiring words? Through your writing and your ideas you show such a love of life which is infectious.

    We agree that love is the cornerstone of happiness. To love and to be loved are two of life's most important treasures and they do make the world a much kinder and uplifting place.

  10. AND YOU, you offer constant support and love and to think that I can actually see you from time to time!

    It is always good to "see" you at my blog as well. I am hoping to post on Friday, as usual! LOVE YOU! Anita

  11. Sweet Irina! What a wonderful post to read the first thing this morning... I have always believed that happiness is an action, sometimes a conscious one, rather than just a passive state. You cannot just sit around and "hope for happiness." Get out there and make it. Your words are inspiring and I just popped up some of your links for further reading, starting with Bonjour, Happiness!

    The parting shot of Anita's gorgeous bluebird is a perfect wrap-up!


  12. Wonderful books. Wonderful perspectives. I loved that video. She reminded me so much of my Mother.


  13. I have been reading
    Alexandra Stoddard for
    years and have most of
    her books ~ so happy
    you love her, too! I need
    to check out Jamie, as
    she is new to me. I would
    love to meet A.S. someday
    at a book signing!

    Happy Day,
    xx Suzanne

  14. Dearest " sister", you are amazing ! I have always believed that happiness is a choice we make each day when we wake up in the morning ....and I am so impressed and inspired by this 90 year young free spirit ...reminds me of my high school teacher ..." It's so wonderful Not to need to have something " and liberating , I may add
    Thank you for such an awesome post !
    Stay Happy !
    Much Love ,

  15. I think I have ALL of Alexandra Stoddards books....and a friend was kind enough to have one signed for me for my birthday one year. I was ecstatic!
    Happiness...well, we could write volumes on the subject, couldn't we? I believe it takes a long time to "grow" a state of happiness where we can feel completely comfortable with...
    And then there are others who cannot help but bring happiness TO you, Anita, and many friends.
    It is comforting to know that there are people out there that spread sunshine like jelly on peanut butter (as my daughter would say :)
    Thank you, Irina, for once again making me leave here with a full heart. xo

  16. Good evening dear Irina
    How sweet of you to drop in and meet Grandpa rabbit and Mick.. I am so happy they gave you a smile.
    Wishing you a wonderful week, give Anita a big HUG when you see her.

  17. Dear sweet beautiful...the first thing I did when I came here is turn my music up...and I am not is just sooooo lovely...this tune will be in my head all day now...Thank you for all the links, I am sure they will be so inspiring...You can't beat a John Lennon quote can down to earth!!! Love, Dzintra

  18. My dear friend, thank you , thank you , thank you for being so nice to me!
    I would love to have you as my guest on some of my parties :)
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours ! Celebrate every love !

  19. You are right, Irina, this is so much fun ....I love it too !
    Nowadays people do not need to see each other to stay connected , how interesting..:)
    Sending love your way , too
    How much love is spread right here , amazing

  20. YEAH!!!!!! I love how we can feature FAVORITES TOO! I am going to do this next for my next post. LOVE IT LOVE YOU! Anita

  21. You sweet thing you!
    Anita had emailed me to tell me you had shared our art from Etsy on your side bar, and THERE it is.... Thank you so very much.. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do...
    I love this music Irina, I hope your Sunday is joyful...
    Love and blessings, Penny


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