Friday, January 6, 2012

Feathered Friends

They say that

These extraordinary creatures have been a recurring theme in my life, as well as in the lives of those I love.

My sweet mother was fascinated with birds, and she showed her affection by keeping the feeders heaping full, especially in the frigid days of winter.

She loved waking up to birdsong...
                             her favorites were the chickadee

and the cardinal

I know she loved their songs, but I believe she identified with them as symbols of freedom. fly and be free!
She was indeed a free spirit..

After her passing, I felt that I needed something very concrete, yet creative, to help me channel my energy. It also had to be something she would have loved, something she would have been proud to see me do.

It wasn't until May of last year, after experiencing the magic of the incredibly talented and kind-hearted Anita's Castles, that I saw the impact and power that a blog can have.
Anita was excited to have this wonderfully creative platform, but she emphasized to me that the most important, cherished, valued outcome of her blogging experience has been the friendships she has made. I did not comprehend fully what Anita had meant, until I took a deep breath, and began.

As we enter a fresh new year of writing, creating, inspiring, and hopefully living each moment to the fullest, I wish that we continue  to build and cultivate the friendships formed with dear readers and fellow bloggers...these (YOU!) talented, most lovely people from every corner of the planet! In a short eight months, my world has been expanded, my soul enriched, my heart softened, my mind educated, by YOU, dear friends!!

My deepest gratitude to magnificent Anita....

         for opening this incredible new portal of friendship and joy!

Anita is a bird enthusiast as well..but most of you know that!
She has recently been creating the most magical, beautiful ones...

We are all of this blog world "feather"....flocking together in a very real flight of friendship, and sharing of ourselves.
We look in the same direction....

The direction of dreams, hopes, optimism, beauty, inspiration, and connection.

I thank and celebrate you ALL!!
May this year find you soaring to new heights of possibility!




  1. GASP!!!!!!!!

    I am truly speechless, but smiling from ear to ear at this moment, here at 4:15am Saturday morning. I have ALWAYS been an early morning person, I have always cherished the quiet hours to myself before I start the day, but since blogging, YES, since first blogging four years ago this January 1, I have found day by day, post by post, email by email, that there are flocks of friends FAR AND WIDE, and now, NEAR and DEAR to me, that have made blogging not only a wonderful writing exercise, but a venue through which RELATIONSHIPS have been made. Taking any first step towards a new sunrise is unsure. But when along the way of each step there is found a friend, the travel gets easier, more creative and more meaningful. And when you have a bluebird on your shoulder, or a little red cardinal for that matter, the song is so sweet that your journey becomes a dance.

    Dance on my dear friend.
    Fly are spreading your wings.

    What lovely words and honor you have done to US ALL WHO ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    (thank you for visiting! I have your you want me to hand deliver today?) Anita

  2. Dearest Irina,
    This is such a moving and beautifully written post... THANK YOU!

    I purchased a bird from lovely Anita and received the most exquisite parcel this week. When I opened it I was overjoyed with my little blue bird. To me he represents everything this post is about... friendship.

    Thank you for your visits and comments to me and Spotty, they mean so much.

    I wish you a wonderful year filled with happiness and continued friendships around the world.

    Love and hugs
    Abby and Spotty xx

  3. Darling Irina,
    What a wonderful post. I feel the same as you. Anita came on my radar very early on in my blogging world and has been a constant source of inspiration, friendship and love - AS HAVE YOU! I count my blessings daily and too feel that blogging has changed my life, and only in positive ways.

    It has been wonderful getting to know you. There's still lots more to come.
    Much Love

  4. What a beautiful post about friendship and the encouragement it brings! I too love birds, and Anita's are so gorgeous! And she encourages others to try their wings...

    Your lovely blog is a wonderful way to express yourself, it is a creation of beauty and the joy of your mother lives on through you ...

    Thank you for entering the world of blogging
    and sharing your vision!

    ~ Violet

  5. dear Irina

    i have been reading through your posts and smiling a lot :)

    warmest love x


  6. Irishenka! :D You're so cuuute! ^-^ I love you! ^-^

    *hugggggggggies* ^-^

    ♥ Annusya ♥

  7. Sweet Irina, you have brought much beauty and joy to us, and I wish you a wonderful 2012, filled with friends and love. My life has been transformed through the blogs and friends made.


  8. Hi Irina!Such a thoughtful and sweet blog.Im so glad I met you,you always visit and that makes me smile.Cant wait for the new journey of 2012 to come here and see you and your thoughtful posts my dear.

    Blessings for a lovely new week!hugs!

  9. My dearest friend , this is simply amazing ! I cherish every word of it and I can understand why we all love birds , or how we all are in a way birds (I love such analogy ).I don't have words to express my gratitude towards you .Thank you for being my friend ! ....
    and it's all the butterfly effect fault ...

  10. I, too, LOVE birds and have quite an array of beautiful, colorful, feathered friends who visit daily. I feed them often and I swear we have the "chubbiest" birds around! :)
    How can we ever describe our beautiful friend, Anita? It would take volumes for me to even begin to write about how much she means to me and how special her talents are. We have truly been blessed, haven't we?
    I can't believe what special people have come into my life through blogging....and you are certainly one of them!
    Huge hugs~
    Lisa xo

  11. Such beautiful images on your post, and how wonderfully you have described your friendship with Anita and your blogging journey. I am amazed at how much my life is enriched by this blogging world, and the impact made on my life by people I will never meet. laurie

  12. Dear Irina,

    What a wonderful way you have with words and images; all flowing together to create a beautiful experience, for all of us fortunate enough to have stumbled into your delightful universe!

    I appreciate your vision and am thankful for your kind words of encouragement in this new year.

  13. Hello Irina,
    Just thought I'd pop in to see how you are. Have you lost your muse dearest? Hope this finds you very well and busy.
    With Love

  14. You have a lovely blog, it was such a pleasure to visit. Thank you ... I found you through Advanced Style.

  15. Hi Irina, thank you for stopping by. It was meant to be that I stopped by this blog of yours vs. Witty and Wise today. I could not agree more with everything you write here, especially about our feathered friends. I didn't add it to my January's Flight post but while celebrating my dad's life this past Saturday I had a beautiful experience with birds. I'll email you.
    Much love.

  16. Oops, you don't have a blog email. Well, email me some time and I'll share.
    Much love!

  17. good Morning Irina...look at these beautiful birdies...and the snow too..all looks so very romantic...we don't get snow here on the coast...I actually went for a swim down at the beach, it was just beautiful...and seagulls surrounded me!!! And yes to answer I did purchase Donna Hay's anniversary issue...I am a subscriber to her magazines and I try and make something from everyone...Wishing you a beautiful day and I hope you hear some birdsong today...Love, Dzintra xoxo

  18. Hi Irina. How did I miss this post, especially as you're honoring my wonderful wife. I just told her this morning as departed our separate ways for work, that she is a prime inspiration and motivator for my own creative pursuits.
    All the best

  19. My dearest friend ,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. I am more than delighted to read them and genuinely happy to know that you are enjoying my blog. Have a great week !


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