Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Delicious Colors

Coral, salmon, orange...these colors are just hypnotic to me. Delicious, energetic, yet calming in the right tone. I have had a mini-obsession with this color palette for a couple of years. I decided that I would start bringing pieces from this color range into my home, little by little. The first piece I purchased was the Ikea Ektorp sofa in the cabbage rose pattern. I fell in love with it instantly, and it still makes me smile every single day....

What colors make you giddy?...

My Lovely Sofa


  1. Bonjour Madame, c'est MOI!

    I am thrilled to see that you have started this beautiful space to express yourself. I am equally delighted to actually KNOW YOU and I look forward to knowing you more his summer? We have much to discuss. Thank you for your kind words and there is nothing like blogging; I hope your experience into this new adventure will only grow into a passion for expression!

    Amicalement, Anita

  2. Merci, Merci! Thank you so much for your support, and for the inspiration you provide for everyone whose lives you touch. Thank you again!

  3. And I thank you! I just love your profile; I am learning a lot about you and that we have much in common! Looking forward to seeing you this summer! Moi

  4. Prettyyyieieie! ^-^

    Heehee! ^-^

    ♥ Annusya ♥


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