Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cook Up with Dzintra!

Time is flying, summer is in full swing, and I so miss blog world and friends here...

This has been a challenging year in several respects, but throughout all of the changes, my mind was on blogging...
For me, this a place of friendship, beauty, and inspiration...I knew I had to come back as soon as possible...

So here are a couple of updates from me, and I'm looking forward to visiting all of you to see what you've been up to!

We had a luscious spring...

A "real" spring in Minnesota is quite a treat...

My aforementioned Donna Hay cook-up turned out beautifully...
so delicious...Dzintra has a lovely one up now, do visit her blog if you get a chance...

Once again, I'm cooking now from the books instead of magazines...and although her books are wonderful, I miss the gorgeous glossies.

For this cook-up, I made...

Green Olive Baked Chicken

Asparagus and Potatoes with Lemon Butter

And for a refreshing dessert...

Lemon Pudding

It was a truly perfect springtime menu...
simple and fresh ingredients 
combined in a most delicious way.

Sending out love and wishes 
for a safe and happy 
4th of July!


  1. I would love to try the chicken recipe. It looks delicious!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Susan! If you would like the recipe, I will happily share....
      Have a wonderful day!
      - Irina

  2. THERE YOU ARE! I came by yesterday, but I guess you were putting the finishing touches up and now I can enjoy YOU again this morning.

    I totally agree with you that this forum to express our dreams and realities is quite special. Though we would not be able to meet up at 6:00AM, I CAN come to visit you here, to read you, to see what you made in collaboration with a dear friend on the other side of the planet. Blogging and what it has done for us never, ever gets old.

    That chicken, OK, that's is up my alley, as well as asparagus. I love mine grilled and drenched in a good olive oil!

    What a spring we had, no? And our summer is magnificent; did you see the moon last night? A most magical summer my friend, most magical, and I look forward to next week! BISOUS! Anita

  3. Dearest Irina you have made me very hungry looking at the that delicious Chicken atop that Tomato....and I have already had my Dinner! So nice to see what you have been getting up to in the kitchen....all very yummy and so appetizing! No matter how much time elapses we just pick up where we left off! Happy 4th of July to you Sweet Friend. Love, Dzintra xo

  4. Oh dearest I just wrote you a comment and suspect that I deleted it....did you receive it?

  5. Good Morning Irina, Nice to see your post again. Your spring flowers are so lovely, and I am enjoying the roses in my garden this summer. Oh my, these dishes look amazing. The green olive chicken looks tender and tasty, and the asparagus and potatoes with lemon butter, Yummy! What a great cook you are making so many interesting things.

    Happy Fourth of July, dear friend. Have a wonderful day. It's getting hot here and should be in the 100's all week.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. Irina, I'm beginning to think you might have a bit of gypsy in you. And I'm so happy to see you blogging, and cooking up delicious foods (what is it about lemon pudding that makes our mouths water :)

    You're really and truly quite an inspiration! Giant hug.

    Happy 4th!

  7. It all looks so delicious..... edible ART!!!!!!

    and now I'm hungry.....

    ~ Violet

  8. Happy Summer 2015 Irina! Thanks for checking in on Zendoll - my blog posts have been few and far between for the last year as well. I too feel drawn back to this wonderful creative community. As always, your post and pictures are both joyful and delicious. Cheers dear! xo

  9. Hello Irina! How delicious your recipes look. Lemon flavour is my favourite whether it's with a dinner or a dessert, yum!
    I love how they're presented too, like mini paintings!
    Jess x

  10. Dear Irina,
    How nice to read your words! I'm happy to learn your life is also mingled with violin. Elsa likes it very much (right now, she's away from home, attending her violin summer camp).
    Your new post is gorgeous, a gourmet post, and so colouful, filled with flowers.
    Enjoy July!


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