Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simply the Best

*** DULUTH ***

...one of my favorite places on earth...

* infinite zen *

How fun it was to discover that this magical city was just voted "Best Town Ever" by the readers of Outside Magazine!

I'd love to share a few photos from our most recent visit...

( photos on this post GypsyInMe)

So exciting to watch these big guys come into port!

I don't know what took us so long, but this was the first year that we drove across the lift bridge to "Minnesota Point"...
part of the largest freshwater sand pit in the world!
The weather was gorgeous...a perfect day at the beach...

("scattered driftwood on the beach"....
Abba song playing in my head...remember that one?)

The homes on this tiny
strip of land are charming and unique...

It is a well-known fact that sea air makes one hungry...

Yummy pizza at Lake Avenue Restaurant
Amazing sweet treats at Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe 
This may have been the most delicious cheesecake I've ever tasted...sour cream frosting tops it off... perfection...

a delightful al fresco evening


My absolute favorite place in Duluth?
I can spend hours perched on these ancient glacial rocks...

Thank you for joining me, friends!
Until next time...


  1. Simply the best indeed! Beautiful photos. Welcome back, Irina! I hope you are enjoying fall. I will have to visit Duluth :) cheers!!

  2. Your photos are so lovely, I love very much the sea, and boats....And pizza too...
    Thanks a lot for sharing , Duluth is a lovely place I'M agree with you....
    bisous français

  3. Dear Irina,
    Duluth has so much beauty - I can see why it's one of your favorite places to visit. The waters are such a pretty green-blue color. I like the name they chose for that big ship - American Courage. The pizza and cheese cake look delicious, and that sour cream frosting! You know, I think we are trying to communicate through our hearts and minds today, as I just saw a seagull at the park today. I took a picture of it, and it looks very much like the one you have on here. Thanks for sharing these pictures, they are truly beautiful and peaceful.


  4. What a beautiful place. I love the rocks too.

  5. Thank you so much for taking me along... What a beautiful place this is... Your photos are lovely.
    blessings dear friend

  6. Oh my dear,
    You and i both LOVE the beach, viewing the ocean...... it is so vast and marvelous!
    On a sunny day, what could be better?

    Lovely to see you here again!
    ~ Violet

  7. oh how lovely! And I am happy to hear you had such a lovely day. I forgot about the sea air making one hungry, but yes, I remember spending lots of time when living on the beach and it seems it does. :D....Beautiful pictures!

  8. Honestly, Irina, I had no idea Duluth was such a charming and picturesque city! I've enjoyed the sights and, needless to say, the food. Thank you for letting us tag along.

    I've been home all day, making chicken soup on a cloudy day. And, once again, your sunny post assuaged the blahs, in more ways than one.

    Btw, thank you for dropping by my blog, even though I haven't updated it, in like, forever. Maybe even longer. I don't deserve you.

  9. IRINA!

    I missed this post entirely, and I wouldn't have even found it if it weren't for a link I followed from Dzintra's cook up with you and Donna Hay! I really hope that Ruben and I can go up north one day to get a big breath of "sea" air - your photos, especially that first one are wonderful(what did you do to that first one to get that pink cast?)

    Haven't we be having the best of autumn colors? Yesterday was extraordinary, and the view from my front room was beautiful. Happy day dear one!

  10. Hello Irina!
    Thanks for inviting us on your journey - it's always interesting to see new places. Lovely photos,especially the yellow sea plane and Dutch Barn house. These memories of summer will keep us warm during winter months.....

    Wishing you a happy week,
    Ruby xx

  11. Hello dear friend,
    I wish I could sit on the beach with you... What a beautiful place... I love the homes... Everything is so beautiful.
    Thank you for taking me along.
    How wonderful it was to see your sweet comments... Thank you so much.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  12. Wow ! Did I ever love that visit to Duluth - through your magnificent photos! I continue to be a bit of a fallen blogger, but seeing your post is definitely an inspiration - as are YOU! Cheers dear one. Be well! xo

  13. Dear Irina, how are you? It's been a while since my last visit. What an enjoyable day you had, and that pizza oh boy, makes me drool. Love the houses around the beach too.
    Hope you have a good week


  14. Good evening dear friend! It's great to come back here to see your photos of a place I still need to see one day. And thank you for coming by again! I am barely catching up on my emails, and I see you came by. Back in a few!

  15. Beautiful photos & I had no idea how charming this area is! I just found you skipping through other BLOGS & now I'm going to add you to my side bar so I can keep up with new posts! So glad to have found you!

  16. Hi Irina, thankyou for sharing your lovely photos of your trip. :) I love to be by the sea too, it's such a magical place isn't it? Those houses look amazing! xx

  17. Good morning my dear friend!

    I am off in a rush, AGAIN....but I wanted to come by to thank you so much for visiting my new post. Little by little, I'm getting more of my own photos in, but the real work is finding the right light and TIME to take decent and meaningful photos! ALways a challenge...

    Your support and visits mean the world to me. MUCH LOVE!

  18. Hi Irina,

    It was so good to "see" you come by the other day! What beautiful photos you took here. Wow...lovely place you visited. I hope you are enjoying your fall. It's hard to believe that it's already November.

    Have a wonderful week!

  19. Thanks for popping into the Zendoll workshop! Your kind comments always warm my heart and make me smile. You have a gift for spreading joy - both through your wonderful photographs and your kind heart. Namaste and November love!

  20. Dear sister, I hope everything is going well with you and your family.
    I have been so busy these last few weeks, I've not managed to find the time to write on my blog until yesterday. I can't believe the winter is already here (the entire city is covered in snow) and Christmas is just around the corner. I just want to thank you for your extreme kindness to my work, Irina.

    Love your way

  21. Duluth looks amazing Irina, and all the better for having you there.
    I know I've not been around much lately but still keeping my eye on you.
    Hope you're well?

  22. How gorgeous! So very beautiful..wonderful sceneries to enjoy..your pictures are fantastic! I totally love the glacial rocks too..magical and powerful! Thanks for taking me on this beautiful adventure!


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