Friday, July 18, 2014

Simply Irresistible Party!

It is blog party time! 
MERCI to our amazing hostess, dear Anita, at 
please visit her gorgeous blog to experience all of the party journeys...

Bon Voyage!

please listen to the music....

(please excuse the ads)

It is indeed 
Simply Irresistible

Over the years, I have sketched it...



Dreamt it....

Victoria Publications

And, of course, these days... 
(obsessively) Pin it




*My Dream English Cottage*

And though I am unable to live in such a cottage at this time, I try to create the warm, whimsical, and cozy atmosphere in my tiny, but loved, space...





bunny tea party... :)

While I love where I live now, my Dream Cottage can only be situated in one of the most magical places on Earth...


So let's pour ourselves a cuppa...

 and take a little tour of this extraordinary, 
enchanting area of England...

With its lush rolling hills, 
the Cotswolds were a wool trade center for many years....


Historic, honey-colored villages...
like a fairy tale....


So much beauty...

And the cottages...

oh, the cottages!






No wonder luminaries such as Beatrix Potter and J.M. Barrie, (among many others), were inspired by the wondrous Cotswolds...
but we will leave that for another post...

Beatrix Potter

I hope you were inspired and refreshed by our journey...
thank you so much for joining me!
I look forward to visiting all of the travelers...
Thank you, sweet Anita!

Love and Blessings


  1. This was FUN...just my cup of tea...and I also loved the blue flowers..have yourself a happy day..xoxo

  2. I love those beautiful sheep!!! Have a great Friday :)

  3. I have missed your posts so much, but what a way to return to YOUR MIND and heart.

    I got an early start today, beginning in Europe of course since our European friends are six hours ahead of us! But the day is unfolding into a delightful party and it's heartwarming to see the love.

    Now for this post....

    You know how I feel about cottages! But the horses in the garden (you know my passions!) and the sheep, the flowers, all the wildlife embracing the sweet dwellings make for heaven on earth. No wonder our beloved Beatrix was so moved to make rabbits talk and squirrels paddle driftwood on ponds....tea time? Bien sûr! And with you? Always.

    I know you are going to enjoy yourself (you must see Penny's post! teeee)

    Thank you dear sister, and have a fabulous day. Anita

  4. Irina!
    You chose the Cotswolds too!!!!
    Did you know I actually OWN a Cotswold cottage? I designed it myself and even have
    sheep in the front yard by the rockery... Come for a visit, we will have cake by candle light!!!!!

    {You will only have to shrink down to 2 inches tall to fit, but that won't be an issue will it?}

    Your post is gorgeous and INSPIRATIONAL my dear!!!!!!!
    ~ Violet

  5. Nice to join you on your English dream wow what a pretty houses and thos cheaps adorable!
    groetjes van Marijke

  6. Dear sister, I was so enthralled by the cottages and the hairy beasts of the fields that I neglected to comment on YOUR DRAWINGS! YES! Oh the love of art, poetry, all that makes us human. Thank you for coming to visit my dream...and one day, I will meet her. I already did, so to speak, thanks to Skype, and she was charming, funny and the epitome of elegance.

    Now off to do more touring! Have fun, Anita

  7. It looks so pretty I especially like the curtains they make it like an outdoor room. Bet you'll be spending a lot of time out there this Spring!

  8. Dear Irina,
    Your post was magical, whimsical, lovely, and wonderful! Jess and Nel went to England, and I wonder if they went through The Cotsworlds. I will have to ask them. I love the precious sheep, and I especially loved seeing pictures of your own charming home......the fairy, the tea cup, and the bunny. The "Tea Rooms" building is one that I would be interested in visiting. The streets and cottages add a fairytale atmosphere to this area. Thank you for taking us through this magical place in England. I will have that cup of coffee now with you.


    by the way, the golden retriever isn't mine, just a picture I found and couldn't resist. :~)

  9. Oh how I loved this journey with you through the English countryside, thinking of The Cotswolds and how enchanting it would be to have an English Cottage all of my own as well!

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible

  10. Dear Irina,

    How beautiful your post is and loved seeing all the quaint cottages in the Cotswolds.
    I would like to pull up a chair and have a cuppa with you in one of the sweet cottages.
    Your drawings are so sweet and how a house should be, warm and inviting with a pretty garden and a picket fence.
    Thanks for taking me away to the Cotswolds and wishing you a wonderful weekend

  11. Dearest Irina,
    Such a beautiful post! I love cottages, and the photo with the cottage and two horses, that's mine. Haaaha
    You drawings, you see if you put it to paper, this must mean that one day you will arrive, yes?
    Thank you so much for this lovely and inspiring post!
    Off to tour again

  12. Hello Irina!
    thanks to this wonderful Link Party I am discovering wonderful landscapes and travel dreams.
    Last year I made a trip cotagge by Devon Area. And now see your photos has filled me with fond memories. I am delighted to discover your blog, and I'm staying here!
    I hope your visit.

    from Madrid ...

  13. The Cotswolds have been on my dream list, too, and finally got there last month. Even lovelier than I imagined. Thanks for visiting and please stop by Buttercup's again.

  14. Dear Irina,
    Your dreams of a cottage in The Cotswolds are so wonderful! I adore everything about the English Countryside and hope to visit there one day soon. Have you read the book "A Fine Romance" by Susan Branch?? You would love it!! It is her hand-lettered, watercolored diary of a trip through the English countryside. Susan & Joe did a crossing on the Queen Mary 2 and spent a month exploring the English countryside. It's a true tale of 'if you dream it, you can make it happen.' Her website, has an interactive index that adds so many little extras to her book. I've enjoyed this treasure of a book many times!! Thanks for sharing your lovely dream! ♡Dawn

  15. Completely charming! Loved this post and I so wish I had a cottage in the Cotswolds too!

  16. Hello Irina, I am not sure my comment went through. The countryside is gorgeous and the cottages are like a fairy tale...full of magic and inspiration. I am enjoying this journey so much. Thank you for taking me along on this beautiful destination. Also, thank you for leaving me a very sweet comment. xoxo

  17. This post is SO makes me want to head to the Cotswolds NOW! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! And, your drawings - SO beautiful! I do hope you get your English cottage some day! xoxo

  18. Irina! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. Oh the beauty and charm and gardens and cottages and sheep and tea and your own little drawing of a dream cottage too! Someday, although you may not actually live in the Cotswolds, you can create your own Cotswold cottage wherever you wish. The only thing missing will be those British accents, but that's what Masterpiece Theatre is for, right? This was one of my favorite visits today ,my fellow Anglophile.

  19. Your incredible lineup of photos took me back over many of the roads I travelled and sights I saw when I first visited the UK to meet my father's side of the family. There is nothing like the charm of the Cotswolds! What a terrific post you created - a visual journey with a side of nostalgia - for me. Thanks for sharing dear friend, and may the rest of the summer bring you much joy! xo

  20. This is simply enchanting. Thee perfect post to read on a Sunday morning. I can see that you truly love the Cotswolds. And those childhood drawings are priceless. Hold on to those. Have a lovely Sunday.

  21. Yes indeed it is a beautiful place,there is lovely cottages like that in Devon too,this country is so beautiful,xx Rachel and Speedy

  22. OH< YES that will do for me too!The photo of the open window with the pillows on the sofa and the books...........that is ME!I have never been there BUT must see for my own eyes.......thank You for taking me on this trip..............and now I must dash to the grocery store!Oh good grief!

  23. Hello lovely Irina, so happy to see you've joined the irresistible journey. I see you have a dream cottage too. These images are stunning, I especially love the honey-colored village, truly like a fairy tale.
    Thank you for sharing with us. I hope our cottages find us one day soon. :)

  24. Oh My,Yes!! That"s all included in My Ireland dream trip,every photo.That's why both places are actually in the same dream for Me-Lets Go.

  25. P.S. I'm coming back and enjoying Your post in more detail after I come back from the market :)

  26. IRINA! Happy Sunday late afternoon! Thank you for stopping by "My Netherlands" again to say "BONJOUR!" I am so happy that you and many others are having are ALL such great friends, and I want to find a succinct way to say that for my Saturday post, as the party comes to an end...but we have had such fun and again, I love everything about this post...your drawings (the blue flowers!) and all the cottages. What love, this life we create!!!!

    BISOUS, Anita

  27. My DEAR Irina!!
    When I saw that you came to my blog, I have become very happy! I'm glad that at least you know my city a little. This is fantastic! I'm back again to enjoy your post

  28. This post could have been published by Me-I loved every bit of it,including the lute :) Thank You for following Me, I know We must have more in common too. Hugs and blessings to My new friend

  29. Oh how I enjoyed my tour with you. I hope someday to visit this place, it’s magical as you see in the photos.Thank you sharing your dream and I just know it will come true for you! I’m so happy to meet you, visiting over from Anita’s link party.

  30. Hello Irina,
    I think this could be one of my favoritest posts in the wonderful and delightful ''Simlpy Irresistible tour" ! I truly enjoyed my visit here and I want to go there even more now ;-D
    Thank you for sharing so many lovely images and also your art pictures of the dream cottage!
    Many many warm blessings, Linnie

  31. Hello Irina...lovely to meet you on our wonderful European Bloggers Party hosted by the fabulous Anita...the Cotswolds is a beautiful area of England...I'm a London girl but a visit to the Cotswolds is always enchanting.
    I hope your dream comes true...thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  32. Dear Irina,

    This is place I have wanted to visit too! The photos you found are gorgeous. I'm fascinated by those thatched roofs. If I could have one on my home I would do it. It might look a little strange, but I don't care. There is something cozy about them. I hope you are having a lovely summer dreaming away.


  33. oh c'est magnifique, tout comme toi j'aime les cottages anglais.....just like I love these beautiful landscapes, thank you very much for sharing them with you....I'm very happy to meet you and this thanks to Anita
    Bisous de la France

  34. My favorite part of England, thank you for the photos and music that make it feel so close to me:)
    Ahhh, I want to go back, soon!

  35. Really enchanted,beautiful trip through England!!!
    Beautiful and very inspirational post:)
    Magnificent images!
    Thankyou our great hostess Anita for organising this Link Psrty:)))

    Greetings from Holland,

  36. How I love that post, dear Irina.......what a joy to be here! And I looooooooove that music, it´s so magical! Thank you so much for all that inspiration and I also have to thank you for your lovely makes me really happy!

    With love, Jade

  37. Dear Irina, what a beautiful post! I was always collecting post cards of English cottages with beautiful gardens when I was a child and you took me right back to that place. It was so lovely to find you, I'm also part of Anita's party. Hope you will stop by!
    xo Mary Jo

  38. Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved this trip, Irina. I have dreamt of English cottages as well and the countryside is unmatched. Your choice of pictures and the lovely music had me daydreaming and I did not want it to end! Thank you so much - beautiful!

  39. Oh, What a treat to see all these beautiful cottages, and to know that this kind of Story Book place still exists in this modern world! I have yet to really explore this area in England, but it is most definitely a place I dream about. My best friend is English and she has talked to me about the Cotswolds for over 40 years!! The area where we have bought our house in France looks quite a bit like this, too! Lovely to come here,Irina, and this was most certainly a little feast for the eye. I shall be pinning a lot from here!!
    Ciao bella,

  40. Hello Darling Irina,
    I love the Cotswolds. We try and get over that way as often as we can. It is a magical place, ancient. So glad I stopped by after my long blog break. I have come back to Anita's party and it reminds me of what I have been missing. I will catch up on your posts and try not to stay away for so long next time. Pop over to my blog, I actually posted again, can you believe! I'm so lazy :-)
    See you in the Cotswolds soon.

  41. Спасибо большое за посещение,Ирина!
    Очень приятно познакомиться особенно так неожиданно через блог да еще и при участии в таком приятном событии,которое организовала Анита:)))

  42. The Cotswolds...
    ...jumping into a storybook!
    Perfect for one of my last stops on Anita's journey of journeys!
    Thank you for sharing your dream destination!
    I will be popping in for tea now and then. Your blog is so charming!

  43. Dear sister,

    Having you participate in this party really means a lot to me. Your creativity but most of all, enthusiasm for what is charming really has made visiting you very special. Thank you for stopping by to see that OUR PENNY WON!!!!!! I was amazed at the draw of the names....and now Bebe and Tea Rat can have a "proper" tea! Thank you again for your commitment to making this an unforgettable opportunity to connect. And yes, CHOPIN will always be a part of me and my daddy.


  44. A little bit late but......Wonderful post ...great party !!..thanks for Anita !!! Ria...x !

  45. My dear Irina, thank your for your beautiful and inspiring post. Makes me want to travel to UK and see its idyllic countrysides especially Cotswold. The cottages and the thatched houses are like fairy tales. So dreamy, so magical. Love them all.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend my dear friend.
    Take care and God bless


  46. Oh! I am speechless! What a stunning picture you paint...forget Tuscany, I want an English cottage vacation!! Take me with you! ;)

  47. dearest Irina,

    What a wonderful trip I have just taken to your dream cottage, merci! Thank you for your inquiries into my "disappearance", and I apologize for my lack of response....all is good, life was just crazy crazy with work, school, and 2 boys in sports on different teams....just now catching my breath! I hope that you have been well and are enjoying your is your last year before the high school madness starts like me, right? Time goes too quickly!
    I hope that your cottage dream comes to life , you certainly deserve it!

  48. Good morning sweet Irina! Thank you for coming to my post but also for accompanying me, literally, on my midsummer day's dream. You and A. made it happen for me by showing me yet another "right button" to push and find THE LIGHT, literally.

    Isn't our city great? So many expansive sites but also small corners that warrant another look, through the camera lens. LOVE!!!!


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