Sunday, January 26, 2014

Equine Energy

I hope the New Year is off to a splendid start for everyone!
  January 31st marks the Chinese New Year of.....

For me, these beautiful (and magical) 
creatures symbolize 
freedom, grace, and depth of spirit....

what glorious words to meditate upon 

One of my goals this year is to partake 
in more soul-nourishing activities, 
one of which happens to be 

As you can clearly see, my little painting of the horse
 is the work of an amateur, but I can't help it...

I NEED to paint.

Who am I to argue with a master?

Perhaps more practice will bring better results?
Perhaps that is just wishful thinking....
In any case, it makes me happy and it feeds my soul...

Are YOU doing what you can to nourish your soul?
Please share what that is, I'm all ears...
(no pun intended, Mr. Van Gogh!)

Sending LOVE
Happy Horse Year 

Vincent Van Gogh




    Little did I know that our during our wonderful conversation yesterday, that you had this magical post up your sleeve! YOUR PAINTING! Irina? YOU DID IT! OK, all you have to do is go ask PENNY...she will tell you that when I fall in love with a piece of art that one of you has out. I get GREEDY! (She has fashioned me a Tea Rat...yes, you got it right....with tea cup and all)

    Your horse is fabulous. Look at Van Gogh's wonderful cheval? Look at the wavy and free-form lines? Keep going. And what feeds my soul? Well, I think I'm more adventurous than I ever imagined because for me, the thrill of the hunt is one of the most nourishing things about what I love. To hunt for what is on the other side of the blank page, the blank canvas. The bigger ideas are what keep me moving and the details are the things that I enjoy searching for on a day such as today...all alone in a quiet house.

    Keep painting my friend. You do it well.

  2. P.S. I love Van Gogh's true. When someone or something says, "You can't do this...." then that's the best time to talk back by DOING IT. It works like a charm.

  3. I love horses! Horses are VERY important here in Central Kentucky where I live. They are revered here :)

  4. My wonderful friend! Hello! Thank you for responding to my comment! I am not quite sure how these comment replies work; I get it in my inbox instead of my blog. How does that happen? I hope you get a chance to visit my blog since you are able to get on-line. Thank you for answering! It is deceitfully beautiful outside, isn't it?

  5. You continue painting, my friend! I think your horse is beautiful. And I hope you are well, Irina. It's been a while since we "chatted." Don't stay away too long. Unless you are busy in the studio painting!

  6. PS - Yes, looking forward to Chinese New Year! It is the most important holiday for my family. We will celebrate with lots of food :)

  7. Irina! Hello there! I see you came by my post! DID YOU SEE JERI'S BEAR???????????? She is phenomenal! If you see it, you will note that she didn't stop after the first or second try, but kept going until she got it right. What a life lesson.

    Thank you for your support, so much. Yes, how I wish I knew how to make a movie (the technological end of it) because I just have to do it. We can talk but your support means the world to me.


  8. Irina,
    You CAN paint! I love it!

    I totally love painting too, but am really more of an abstract type painter and don't feel very good at this is a great quote by van Gogh!

    Thanks for sharing your art and keep it up!

    Love to you,

  9. Irina,
    Your horse painting is wonderful to me, as I don't have any talent when it comes to painting. My kids can all draw, and I often wonder where they got it from? I have heard of this Chinese New Year, but not familiar with its history. It sounds interesting. What nourishes my soul is Photography. I'll tell you a secret and the first friend I I was at the park and asked God to send me a beautiful creature so I can take a picture of it. A short while later, a hummingbird appeared right in front of me. It was such a perfect sight. You see, the hummingbird is my favorite bird.

    Keep painting, Irina. It is such a special talent, indeed.


  10. Hello dear friend. I love your post, and I love your horse! I especially love your words, and what the image stands for - for you. We had a few horses while living in Colorado, and it was my first experience in discovering their spirit. I am still smitten! Wishing you a year of creative abundance! xoxo

  11. Darling Irina,
    How wonderful to wake up this morning to see you have visited me. Your horse is beautiful. I had never seen that Van Gogh horse before. Both are beautiful. It does nourish the soul to do it's bidding and, as you say, practice makes perfect, so evident in the work of Van Gogh. This year I plan on sewing more. I used to make all my own clothes. I love the individuality of it, knowing I am the only one wearing a certain piece. I am going to make time for it. Meg wants me to make a coat for her first so that is my current project. If it comes out ok I will blog about that too.

    Have a wonderful Sunday dear friend. Will you be watching the Super Bowl?
    Much Love

  12. The painting is yours? It looks like a professional painting to me! Happy new year of the wood horse Irina! May it bring all you wish for. :)
    Jess xx

  13. Dear Irina,
    I LOVE your painting.! You have done a beautiful job here.. Keep painting, paint as though nothing else exists.
    You really have talent my dear friend.
    How very sweet of you to leave such an encouraging comment about Oliver. Merci!!!!!

  14. Irina, You never know what talents you have until you give it a whirl. I know of a woman who took up art when she was retired and in her mid 60's,; turns out she was fabulous! NO MATTER,though, just paint because it is an enjoyable endeavor. I'm teaching myself something new with music, I will never be a real musician, but I am loving making music in the privacy of my little room!

  15. Dear Irina,

    Welcome back dear friend and happy New year and Chinese new year to you, hope it will be a great one for you.
    Your horse painting is amazing - love it and you and so very talented. I look forward to seeing more of your paintings.
    Love the quote and painting by Vincent van Gogh and thanks for sharing this lovely post.
    Also appreciate the visit today to my blog, always great to see you.
    Happy new week

  16. When I am stressed or tired, the best place for me to be is surrounded with all my art/craft supplies - creating.

  17. I think you will like my post today. It reminds me of you too.


  18. Irina! I too love horses. Aren't they magical????? Lovely to see your artwork! Painting is a wonderful way to express creativity!!!!!

    ~ Violet

  19. Irina, In response to ??.. I have a lap harp, I haven't picked it up for years, and an English flute. Every night I spend about 2-3 hours alternating between the two and I am building a small repertoire, the only ones in my audience are my 3 cats. My cat Sasha seems to be quite taken with the sounds of the flute.

  20. To answer your question Irina.......No, I didn't see the paintings at a Ren Fest. I just browsed and saw them on the internet. It's hard to do a gypsy post with your own pictures, and this time I needed some help. :~)

    Have a lovely day, and I'm so glad you liked the post.


  21. Oh Irina your horse is beautiful...makes me want to give him a pat on that nose! I admire anyone who can paint as that is something I do not do...and you do it so well! My Soul is nourished by many things Irina....once I start my singing practice I find that I do feel better within! Perhaps that's why they say that singing is good for the is serving a delicious meal!

    Hugs to you across the miles...Love, Dzintra xo


  22. Happy new year of the horse!
    This is such an inspiring post. It makes me feel like I should resume painting myself (something I haven't been able to find time fr since Elsa's birth). Thank you dear Irina.

  23. Dear Irina, you did a good job with your horse painting. I wish I have such talent. Happy Chinese New Year to you my friend. Hope the new year will bring good things, good health and lots of happiness your way.
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comments.
    Take care and God bless


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