Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My First ACEO!

Ok, where has August gone?
We are in back to school mode, but I want 
to stretch out summer just a wee bit, don't you?

I will be posting on all of the goodies 
we saw (and ate) at the State Fair very soon...

(here's a little preview)

a gorgeous cream draft horse named "Prince"

Today, though, I would love to share a beautiful work of art by the wondrous Anne of A Little Fur in the Paint .

Anne is a master water color artist and clay sculptor....

"Tea With the Earl"

 amazing fairy house

 one of a series of "Gourdfolk"

Anne also paints the most delightful and gorgeous ACEOs, and I was thrilled to find out that I won her latest Ebay auction...
ACEO stands for "art card editions and originals"...
please click here to read more about them.
This is a wee little gem of a fits in the palm of one's hand...

The colors and details are spectacular, 
and the subject matter is especially dear to me...

One of Anne's adorable kitties, Tallulah, 
served as the inspiration for this painting...


She is assisting little "Rita" with her darling!!

Love the detail...

Thank you, dear Anne! I am very honored to start off my ACEO collection with one of your magical and whimsical creations...

You can visit Anne 
(one of the kindest blog friends you will ever meet)  
here .
If you are interested in taking a peek at her Ebay ACEO page, 
it can be found here.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy weekend!
"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, 
and sharing of pleasures. 
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."



  1. Well isn't that absolutely wonderful?!?!?

    and Prince is gorgeous.

    happy happy


  2. What a fantastic little item to win from an obviously very talented lady. I love the name "A little fur in the paint", obviously a pet owner :)

    Weekend is fast approaching Irina. Have a wonderful one.
    Much love

  3. I finally made it over here!!!!!! Yes, where has August gone? I have no idea. Perhaps doctor's appointments, tending the garden, last minute poetry parties...I don't know. But what I do know is that I am LOVING that first photo of the sailboat (you know I love all things about water though I am deathly afraid of it!) and then......(drumroll, please) PRINCE! Ahhhhhhhh...we have to discuss this in person. Those eyes, that blaze of white, that color creme.

    Then there's that ACEO....perfection. Well my dear, school is about to begin and off I go again this morning to try to get into my third floor office at SV. Wishing you and our middle schooler a wonderful few days of summer memories. Anita

  4. Hi Irina, I like the fairy house. Dd she make It too?
    The kitties painting is so colourful. What a talented friend she is.

    Enjoy the rest of summer my friend.


  5. Hello dear Irina,
    You're back - with the dreamiest horse photo I've seen in ages. Thanks for introducing me to yet another collectable ...ACEO'S .... that's new to me, but I love the way you started off your own collection. Can't wait to see your next batch of photos.... enjoy the remainder of your summer dear one.

  6. Irina,
    I can't wait to see your state fair pictures, as I just love fairs and festivals. That is such a precious picture of 'Prince.' Yes, I have seen Anne's art work; it is so colorful and pretty. I love the little fairy house - that would be so nice in my garden. This quote by Khalil Gibran is a special one. He is always a favorite of mine.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer days, dear.


  7. Hi Irina...congratulations on your adorable are all these things by a very talented artist! Oh and Anita will love him! Where did August go...where in fact has the year gone!!! Wishing you a beautiful weekend also...much love to you, Dzintra xo

  8. Hello Irina,

    I hear you! Where has August gone? This summer? This year! hahahaha...It's almost Christmas! Wow...time does fly.

    Are you a Teacher, like so many of my blog friends?

    What a great win for you! The artwork is fun and I love all of the color and detail as well. Congrats to you!!!

    So nice of you to stop by recently. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi, Irina!
    Where did summer go? School has started in our area, and the crowds are back. But that also means friends and family members are back - yay! Speaking of friends, your friend, Anne, is so talented. Painter, sculptor,! Thanks for the introduction to her work. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  10. OH, how I like this post, Irina! The ACEO is so amazing and colorful, what a nice way to begin a collection. Anne's artwork is spectacular.
    Yes, summer is flying by. It used to be that children got 3 months off for it is barely two months. My sister and her kiddos went to the fair too where you are. You may have crossed paths but didn't even know it. Her eight year old triplets (two boys, one girl) and her oldest 11 year old son went to the fair with her. And yup, now they are in school. She did get to visit for a month in California with her kiddos and it was great fun.
    My computer was down for 2 and a half weeks, so I am still trying to catch up on everything.
    Take care,

  11. Dear Irina,

    Tried leaving a message yesterday from my iPad but don't think it went through so will try again.
    How lovely to have won this sweet ACEO love the cute kitty.

    Hope you enjoying the weekend

  12. Dear Irina,
    So sorry I am late in arriving.. What an artist Anne is! Love her ACEO cards.. I use to make them years ago.. I love her work. I am so happy you won one of her cards..

    Thank you so much for visiting and your most kind words.. I must apologize for my absence, but am trying my best to learn my windows 8 computer, and am afraid it will take me a while..
    love to you dear friend, and again, thank you so much.


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