Friday, July 12, 2013

Just down the road...

Happy Weekend Dear Friends!

Today I would like to share with you a lovely and special place....
just a short walk from our home...

We are very blessed to live in a town with many beautiful parks, but this one is my absolute favorite...

An idyllic setting, reminiscent of the scene in Mary Poppins where they all jump into Bert's you remember?

Down to the sweet little turtles!

Explore hidden gardens and cozy spots under the willows...
Take a paddleboat around the sparkling lake, or relax on one of the many swings built for two....

Look up!

and dream.....

If you're up for a walking meditation, the labyrinth will ease your mind and soothe your spirit....

It surrounds a most beautiful and gleaming sculpture of a pine cone...(Elizabeth, this one's for you!) 

A lovely rainbow in the mist of the fountains...

A beautiful weekend to each and every one of you....
Please take time to dream and smell the flowers!

Love and blessings....


  1. Hello dear Irina...what a lovely park and oh so green and summery looking...just beautiful! Meditation here would be so soothing in a little corner somewhere. I'm sorry I don't remember the scene from the film as I haven't seen it in years! That pine one is amazing....I love the smell of pine! I hope you are having a great weekend sweet Irina....sending many Blessings your Dzintra xo

  2. Beautiful Irina,
    I just love this. Flowers growing in every nook and cranny. The rainbow in the fountain. That amazing silver pine cone (for Elizabeth indeed). My favourite, the "look up" photo, slightly out of focus giving it a heavenly glow. I can smell it all it looks so vivid. One day (sigh)!
    Much Love

  3. Oh how I know and love this place my sister! Last summer, the Mr. and me, we rediscovered it around August and milked it for what it's worth! AND your music choice....Chopin is part of my life and thank you for sharing this beautiful moment! LOVE, Anita

  4. So very beautiful dear friend. Thank you for sharing a quiet place, full of inspiration...
    Your photos are just beautiful!
    Enjoy your weekend

  5. Dear Irina,
    What fun it was to walk in your footsteps, and feel the calming effect of your beautiful surroundings. Thank you for sharing and showing us the neighbourhood. Have a peaceful weekend dear one. xo

  6. What a joy it is to be here on my deck, listening to the fountain and the birds, being enveloped in the whispy white curtains blown by the wind and to see YOUR comment on my new blog. There is a lot to transition as far as writing, and TIME makes it difficult to hone what I really want to say, but writing like any other art, is PRACTICE. Oh how fun it is, and even more fun to have friends who support each others' efforts. LOVE! Anita

  7. How I love this place my dear! And it's always more special when explored with a loved-one....XOXOXOOXOX

  8. Dear sister,
    such a beautiful park, indeed! I love walking in a park, too; being close to nature always helps me heal my worries. Thank you for creating such an delightful post! Chopin ... is absolutely phenomenal!

  9. What a beautiful place to visit. Such a peaceful setting. And the rainbow in the fountain! I believe that when we see a rainbow it is a gift. What a sight that must have been! You know, one of my favorite things to do is go to the park by my house and just think and enjoy. I'm so glad you are doing the same at your park.


  10. I just wanted to tell you that I put your blog on our side bar, dear. We don't have many on there, but yours is so lovely to me. And I often visit your other blogs out as well. It's amazing how you keep up with four blogs; it's hard for me to keep up with one haha.


  11. these photos are so beautiful. they transmit so much peace and love...

  12. Such a lovely place, and how wonderful that it is so near where you live!

    ~ Violet

  13. Dear Irina,

    Many thanks for taking us along with you to your special place -the rainbow in the fountain is beautiful
    Was lovely having a visit from you, thanks.
    Wishing you a happy new week

  14. That is a beautiful park, Irina! The contemporary sculpture is awesome and so unexpected. That is my favorite element!! I have to run as I'm catching up on life.....from being away in Maine for almost 2 weeks :)
    x Loi

  15. Hello Irina!
    Apologies for the absence of comments.
    Thank you for the tour of this beautiful park,accompanied by the wonderful Arthur Rubinstein. I've had his recordings since the days of vinyl.....perfect late evening listening!
    I see you are also enjoying lovely sunny days.

    Happy Tuesday!

  16. i like ALL your blogs! and i would love to jump into mary poppins with bert and have a jolly holiday!

  17. ps thx for putting me on your blogroll! xoxo!

  18. Irina, how wonderful to have such beauty within walking distance of your home. Oh yes, I remember Mary and the children jumping into Bert's picture, and yes, it does remind me of that dreamy place. I think I could do a lot of dreaming in such a magical park. laurie

  19. I love all of the lushness of this place...the green and water. It reminds me of a duck pond that we have nearby our house.

    So nice of you to visit me recently. I hope you had a lovely day visiting with sweet Anita. She left me a comment that you were going over to her house today. You must be wonderful friends. :)

    Love to you,

  20. I could see why it's your favorite. Yes, I'm up for a walking meditation.
    Today I'm enjoying a visit with my favorite blogging friends. I might be posting again soon. My break was a must and little by little I am regaining my creative energies.
    This was a most perfect post for me today.
    Thank you, love.

  21. i love this!!what an amazing park!!

  22. WOW! How beautiful is this????
    I can get there by dinner if I hurry. Grab Anita and let's go!!!
    I WISH.... :)
    How are you my friend?
    Gorgeous images ---what a beautiful place to get lost. I wish I could just run over and join you....
    You'll be introduced to my furry friends next month... stay tuned. :) :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  23. Thanks so much for sweet words on my blog:) and Im now following you.

    Check out my new post and have a wonderful weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria at

  24. Your comments on my blog made my day! And yes...I WILL be visiting one never know.... :) :) :) :)

  25. This places are really beautiful!!! Thanks and a nice week end to you too! :)

  26. What lovely places to walk and think about things, and of course say a few prayers along the way. These are some wonderful photos. I love them all. Thank you for sharing.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antoinette

  27. Sigh...beautiful...looking up.


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