Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A New Day

A brand new day

A brand new snowstorm 


I have to confess


it is sooo beautiful...

a pristine, iridescent shawl...

Mother Nature is full of surprises



On this gorgeous and elegant

 brand new day... 

I celebrate

dear friend's Birthday...


one of the most extraordinary human beings I have ever known...




  1. Oh, my dear Irina! You are such a kind soul! I am happy for your friendship with the amazing Anita! A real friend is a rare and precious gift so I wish your beautiful friendship stay strong forever. Bon Anniversaire, sweet Anita!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Oh...wait, it's Shakespeare's bday today too, and Shirley Temple! teeheheheeee


    You captured the diamond sparkles of the snow of this morning. I suspect that by now chez toi, it is melting as it is here. WHEW...ya gotta admit, it is fantastic stuff. We will have our spring, won't we dear one.....

    MERCI BEAUCOUP !!!! Love that aqua cake, the colors...everything. Anita

  3. What???? More snow :( I feel guilty complaining about our beautiful weather and tree pollens. I'm heading over to visit the birthday girl :)
    Take care,

  4. Good Morning dear Irina....I bet I can guess that it is Anita's birthday....Are you going over to see her today if you get a chance....if you do could you please give her a big Hug from me? Have fun celebrating....The shawl looks just beautiful...I see you are still having wintery weather! Wishing you a lovely day...Much Love to you....Dzintra xo

  5. Yes yes YES!!!

    Me too, I am celebrating with you!!!
    Aren't we so glad she was born?!?

    ~ Violet

  6. It was a lovely one ma belle....I watched the snow melt away, oh was it FUN! LOVE YOU!

  7. Good Morning Dear Irina! Oh those patties are just so yummy and we had a lot of fun making them on the day! Always a pleasure to have you pop in...Bon Appetite Irina, you must let me know how you go with these tasty patties...sending love and sunshine your way...Dzintra xo

  8. But....what a difference
    a few days can make, eh?!

    It was like a fairyland one
    day and raining the next.
    Crazy, crazy, crazy April!

    Love and hugs to you!

    xo Suzanne

  9. I agree, whole heartedly. Beautiful, kind, talented and oh sooooo fabulous!
    What a wonderful friend.
    How are YOU, my friend?
    SNOW?? Anita told me she had snow...what a strange time of the year this is.
    We are just beginning to feel warm temps., thank goodness! I'm wintered out! :)
    Hope you feel some of this warmth soon.
    I'm still going full speed ahead with my weddings and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger...
    Calgon take me away!!!! ha ha
    Huge hugs to you!
    Lisa xoxo

  10. Yes Irina I think that white beans would work....as long as they have a 'thick' texture I'm sure they will work fine! How exciting.....I think I am getting hungry, but then again it is 6.43 am on Saturday morning! Bon Appetit dear Irina....I hope you enjoy these patties....Love, Dzintra xo

  11. I love your tribute to a beautiful friend and a beautiful day - albeit way too wintery for April! Enjoy your Sunday and may coming days be blessed with the promise of spring! xoxo

  12. Buon giorno! Queste immagini sono bellissime e suggestive!!
    Sono mancata dal blog per un lungo periodo...mancanza di tempo o voglia di cambiamento...!
    Un carissimo abbraccio!!
    a presto, virginia

  13. How are you, lovely? I thought I'd pay you a visit at Lovely Reveries today. How is the Queen of Peace today? ;) Remember when you were dubbed? :)
    Your pages are looking beautiful.
    Always a pleasure stopping by.

  14. PS-This post is perfectly precious. You're such an amazing friend and Anita is blessed to know you and have you so close. Love that color of frosting. :)

  15. GOOD MORNING ma belle! Is this the blog you will be posting your France post on? Anita


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