Saturday, March 16, 2013

Food and Friendship

It is time once again for 
a lovely Donna Hay cook up with dear Dzintra......

From the gorgeous issue # 66

Please visit Dzintra's cook up 
to see her fabulous dinner...

She is so kind to welcome anyone who would like to participate!

This time, green curry was calling my name 
(we are back to snowstorms much for my Spring post...heee)

So I opted for the Green Chili and Coconut Turkey Curry

here it is in the magazine


And my version served on basmati rice

so delicious....
and very simple...
(and green in the spirit of St. Patty's Day!)
(a little Irish tune awaits at the top right of this page...courtesy of YouTube)

 As for dessert...
Caramel Slices!


 Aren't they gorgeous...
Well, mine came out nothing like those lovelies... 
oh well!

 Not even close really... :)
But, they definitely made up for it in taste!
Imagine a most decadent cramel-chocolate-shortbread candy bar....with a touch of coconut on top...oh yeah.

Very little goes a long way!

Really, these cook ups are a lot of fun, but they are truly meaningful because I get to share in this "virtual dinner" with such a dear and special blog friend...thank you Dzintra!

And speaking of blog friends....I absolutely must introduce the very talented and kind Anne at A Little Fur in the Paint!
When you visit her, you will see what she means by that blog name! ;)
Her witty and charming posts will always leave you with a smile
Anne is also a very gifted artist
Many of her unique creations involve clay...

Is this not the most amazing little Fairy House
 I was beyond excited to have won a couple of beautiful pieces of Anne's jewelry at her latest give-away!

A gorgeous "Flora~Luna" pin...
(with my favorite flower, no less!)


and a sweet and lovely flower heart pendant 

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Anne! :)
Right now, she is so generously providing a detailed tutorial for the is always fascinating to see the artist's process and technique...  

Wishing everyone much luck and much love!




  1. Oh Irina dinner is perfect....we have a cool Autumn wind here! Oh yes I must try this one....we love green curry here....Funny how I don't 'see' something until it is pointed out....I will definitely try this, probably with chicken....And oh Caramel Slice....I'm going to try that as I will have to go back through my magazine as I missed that one to LOL!!!! Thank you for a lovely dinner (drooling)...Much Love and Happy Cooking to you...Dzintra xo

  2. Green Chili and Coconut Turkey Curry
    on basmati rice
    followed by Caramel Slices--not a bad idea---yummy!

  3. I know I have made Caramel Slice before and no I don't think I can recall baking it....I will bake it when I make it and see how it turns out...Usually when I make a recipe for the first time I do what it says. I was downstairs checking the magazine out!

    Your pieces are beautiful dear Irina, especially the heart pendant....congratulations on the wins Irina!

    I can't wait now to taste that curry...Love on this cool Autumn afternoon to you...Dzintra xo

  4. What a beautiful dinner Irina! By the way, I think your caramel slices look yummy!!!! Wishing you a happy Saint Patricks Day tomorrow.

    Oh yes, Annes' little fairy houses are just amazing... I love her work!
    blessings dear friend

  5. Good morning my sister! WOW, to think you were cooking all of this up this weekend! Here I am, to enjoy your efforts AND those of our dear Dzintra! How fun is this, to bind together on a mutual project. We got a great email from Ian...remember him? He is having a poet's discussion group in his Provençal home with wine and cheese and philosophizing Brits! They discuss poetry and take notes. He sent us the notes yesterday and we were able to "join in" with their thoughts. How fun is this?

    YUM YUM YUM. How did the Palomasea household enjoy the goodies? See you tomorrow, I hope? Anita

  6. What a fun post! The curry dish is a thing of beauty - the mint leaf makes it for me! I hope you are having a joyful St. Paddy's Day, and that spring follows close behind - and not a moment too soon! namaste dear one. xo

  7. Morning Irina,
    You have covered some wonderful things here but by far my favourite is your green curry, I could eat it right now! I am off to visit A Little Fur in the Paint!
    Happy Sunday and St. Patrick's day dearest!

  8. Happy Saint Patricks day to you too!
    Have a great day dear friend.

  9. A Good Morning to you Irina on this coolish Monday morning....although probably it is evening for you. No I haven't as yet made the slice but I'm hoping to do that curry tonight...soooo looking forward to it.....Wishing you a wonderful week and I hope it is warming up for you...Love to you across the miles...Dzintra xo

  10. I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

  11. Irina,

    I don't usually stop by this blog of yours....but will more often! Those recipes look divine, and you plated them so beautifully! Thank you as always for your kind visit and words, I love hearing from you!
    Have a wonderful week!

  12. Irina, that looks delicious-even the caramel bars. I also love that blue transferware plate you served dinner on. Congratulations on your win. Beautiful jewelry. laurie

  13. Sweet Irina, your interpretation of the curry dish looks delicious and sits beautifully on the blue/white china. Your caramel bar dessert is divine and I am certain was devoured quickly!

    Charming jewelry by ALF in the Paint.


  14. Dear Irina - YUM!!! When can I come over for supper? ;) The green chili coconut turkey curry looks amazing! Perfect for these last cold wintery days. I love Thai last name is Thai, after all :)
    PS - Amazing creations by Anne! Will check out her site next!!

  15. Thank you so much dear Irina....Yes we enjoyed the movie...wonderful singing and costumes, just loved it! I just movies that transport you...have costumes, sometimes I feel like I am in them! Sending love and hugs to you for a wonderful day...Dzintra xo

  16. Oh, Irina, my Dear ~ Thank you for your sweet comments, as always ~ I am so honored to be in your post! And, oh, my goodness ~ your goodies look delish!! That Curry dish is just beautiful, and your caramel bars are so know oven gets used mostly for clay, unless Mr. B cooks!
    Thank you to your readers for the lovely comments, as well!

  17. What a fantastically delicious post you have created here, my darling sister! Frankly, I have never cooked a Curry Dish..., but now, I am intrigued. Thank you very much for your sweet, and king, and encouraging words to me, they always make me happy and I treasure every visit of yours.
    Love and peace your way!

  18. Hi dear Irina.....oh yes there is talk of another show coming up...this time a music hall/melodrama with parts for waiters/waitresses and wenches! The script is being written and hopefully they hope to do it later in the year....we'll see how it all goes!

    Thank you so much for your always encouraging visits and your sweet words....I appreciate them so's to a lovely week for you...Much Love, Dzintra xo

  19. Oh Irina the road trip was such fun...especially meeting up with other bloggers and doing a workshop together! Oh yes, the birthday...more like 30 ha ha!!! Oh dear, I can't believe it...and yes in April. No more news about the show but will let you know via blog when/if it all comes together. Just a busy time at the moment here....before we know it, it will be Christmas! Sending a big wave and hugs to you across the miles....Love, Dzintra xo


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