Saturday, February 2, 2013

All You Need Is Love

A Happy February to You!
How time flies.....
I want to thank you friends, so much, for all of the kind wishes of health over the past month.... 



How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
(or are you anti-V.D. ?)
that's ok too! 


This is a favorite holiday of mine......
But then again, I am a romantic.... 

So many sweet childhood memories...

We always decorated our home with red heart balloons....


Valentine's card exchanges at school...
The candy, the parties...

A special day to honor the gifts of love and friendship....


This is the best part of life, is it not?


And if you do happen to celebrate, take a peek at the most charming and sweet cards made with love by the dear and talented Anita at  
Castles Crowns and Cottages......

I really can't get enough of them!

Anita Rivera Designs

 Anita Rivera Designs

 Anita Rivera Designs

 Anita Rivera Designs

They are available now in her Etsy shop!

Be well, be happy, be loved!



  1. Oh dear Irina you are a true romantic at gorgeous is that!!!

    Those little drawstring bags I have just finished...I have participated in an appeal for a sewing kit for some ladies who have lost everything in the recent bushfires of will be for the appeal and because it was oh-s0-pretty I had to have one too....

    I still haven't done my Dec/Jan cook that the one you are doing...if so we will be doing the same fun is that!

    Re the acupuncture...that has now turned to acupressure massage...apparently the same as the needles and using points all over the body...I have some tender points but the knee has lost it's original pain....I am truly amazed at these people...

    We are cooling down now but still warm with some breezes...I didn't go to the carnival as it was just a quick trip for the ferris wheel ride...we did go on other rides another time but JoJo got a bit sore from them so we just do the ferris wheel now and she is happy with that (thank goodness)!

    Bon Appetit dear Irina...I can't wait to see what you make and you have given me a boot which is just what I needed to get me going..much love to you....Dzintra oxoxo

  2. I have never had a friend like you, ever.

    Everything about this post AND this blog (as I notice new things on your sidebar) communicates the love and deference that you pay so well to others. Your life truly is a masterpiece my dear. Never, ever forget that.

    You are just the best.

  3. Hello Dearest,
    I've been hibernating I'm afraid. Will probably do so until March and just pop to my fave blogs every now and then :-). Great to see you.

    I'm afraid I'm one of those who think Valentines Day is a commercial creation. I don't love my significant other any more that day than any other day. I am blessed, I know, smug :-) he on the other hand always surprises me with some flowers, chocs etc. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

    I hope your valentine day brings you all the happiness in the world. Aren't Anita's creations magnificent!
    Much love.

  4. Hello Irina:
    But how lovely that you are such a real romantic. The world needs more of people such as yourself!!

    We do hope that you are having a LOVEly Sunday!

  5. Ah Yes, Anita captures the beauty of love in her sweet Valentine designs. They are even more lovely in person, and she packages them so wonderfully, a box of cards would make an excellent gift for a girlfriend! (if not, then a card in the mail... my plan for several sweet friends!)

    ~ Violet

  6. My Dear Friend!
    Happy February! I love celebrating love! Valentin's Day reminds me that I can find love everywhere around me as long as I keep my heart open. You are such a loyal friend and it is so thoughtful of you to present Anita's lovely art work. I am happy to have one of her drawings framed on my desk.
    Sending love, light and a big hug to you, my sister!

  7. Ma chère soeur,

    Ta capacité d'écrire en français est extraordinaire! Avancé et clair, ton écriture conforme BIEN aux règles de la grammaire comme il faut! Merci pour ton commentaire chez moi; je suis en train de composer mon prochain billet mais c'est difficile.

    Alors, à demain, après l'école? BISOUS! Anita

  8. Dear Irina,
    What a beautiful post, you are a romantic... Anita's Valentine cards are pure MAGIC! I just love them all... You are such a sweetheart to share them here...
    I wanted to thank you so much for your visit Irina and kind words.. It has crossed my mind to put my sculptures to print. Having some technical issues at the moment, I hope to share some soon..
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  9. Hi Irina,

    I love Valentines Day! I love all the hearts.
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!!


  10. Hello Irina;
    This is just by way of a thank you for your further comment about the lustres on our previous post. It had, for some unknown reason, gone into spam but is now published and we have made a reply. However to see it [as there are now 260(!!) comments] it is necessary to click on 'Load more' then go to the bottom of the page and do so again. All rather complicated, we fear!

  11. You are so sweet! Thank you for wandering over to visit Jasper and your kind thoughts.
    Yes, the only way I can tell which size I am using is to give it a poke.. I can tell by the feel...When I first bought them, they came with a tiny paper tag attached to the top of the needles, fine, medium, and so on. BUT over time the little tags fell off..
    Bebe sends her love

  12. Dear Irina -

    Happy February!! And before we know it, spring will be here :) My early daffodils are starting to come up.

    Thanks for all the lovely inspirations. My favorites would have to be the ones from our talented and kind friend, Ms. Anita :) I hope we'll chat again but if we don't, have a Happy Valentine's Day :)

    Take care,

  13. Sweet sister,

    Thank you for coming to visit today. MUCH LOVE. Anita

  14. Dear Irina
    How sweet of you to come by again for a little visit.. You are such a dear, thank you!

  15. glad you are feel in g better!! Feb is hope of spring... I love all the romance of it too.

  16. Happy Valentine's Day, Irina!
    Thank you for coming by and for your beautiful compliments...
    Anita's cards are so delightful, aren't they?? As soon as you see them you can't help but smile!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Much love,
    Lisa xoxo

  17. Hello my dear friend!

    How are you?
    i hope that you are enjoying your weekend and are feeling so much better. My mother has been fighting a bad cough for 7 weeks and it keeps lingering.

    A beautiful day is in store for you with 7 inches, I hope it is a beautiful winter wonderland. They make a perfect excuse to stay in with a good book and of course a cup of cocoa.

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend and THANK you for your thoughts, prayers and comments. I am really out of sorts and frankly having a hard time coming back to blogging.

    Have a great weekend, xox Elizabeth

  18. Before I forget, did you paint the Russian stack dolls in your header? They are so sweet!
    Your words have warmed my heart this evening. Thank you so much for your visit.

  19. Irina.....thanks for stopping by...glad you are feeling better....that flu bug was nasty. Happy Valentines Day to you....BTW....I didn't know you had more than one blog.....I've signed to follow your others too.



  20. Hi Irina,
    Bless your kind heart this Valentine's day and month. It was so great to see your thoughtful comments over at Zendoll, and I trust that you're feeling 100% these days. I love your heartfelt collection of new and vintage Valentines, and hope that your day is as inspiring as you are. Namaste Irina.

  21. Dear Irina,

    Happy Valentine's Day to you. This is my favorite holiday too! You and Anita are so blessed to have one another near. It just tickles me to hear of your lovely adventures together. Big hugs to you and have the loveliest tomorrow.


  22. I am PRO Valentine's Day all the way, my friend. What's not to love about yet another day that focuses on my favorite LOVE...and RED. ;) I love all the childhood memories too. It's a great day. Love all the quotes, but the last by Villasante is perfect.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, lovely.
    Thank you for the anniversary wishes. The concert was surreal, beyond our expectations.

  23. Irina, I love this post of love! Beautiful images and beautiful words. I'm not familiar with the card designer. I love her designs. I'll click over and check her out. I'd love it if you'd link this post to my Valentine party. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Irina. laurie

  24. Dear Irina,
    Thank you so much for your most welcome visit.. You are always so very kind..
    I am so happy you enjoyed your walk with us, and the mice...
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

  25. A most glorious February to you, Irina, filled with rose petals and hearts, kisses and hugs! I am wishing you the best of these 28 days of red.


  26. Thank you for stopping by the shop, love. Your name popping up always brings sunshine.
    I am not posting at this time, but still visiting. I hope I have not commented those same words here before. I seem to forget details a tad these days. See how much I need that break? ;)
    Have a beautiful Monday.


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