Thursday, September 6, 2012

Horses, and Cheese Curds, and Quilts...Oh My!

A very happy September to you all, dear friends!
We are back in school mode...
the continuing warm days are making it challenging 
to focus on homework :)
Chilly temps will arrive soon enough, 
but I wanted to share some last morsels of Summer 
with a few photos of our annual day at the State Fair.

Hot and very crowded on this particular day....
We chose to cool off in the Creative Activities Pavilion...

I love this miniature Gypsy caravan....
all of the miniatures here were built with the hope 
of winning a ribbon !

Look at that sweet dog....sniffing his way to some treats?

A beautiful model boat....surrounded by a sea of quilts!

What about these pretties?
 A peek inside a tiny tea shop...

And a bridal shop....

Many beautiful needlework creations...
 this one took home the blue ribbon!

Our dear piano teacher entered with a darling cross stitch Christmas stocking...


Next we moved on to the gorgeous quilts...
 This lovely won second place....
I really like the colors and movement of the leaves.

It's a bit difficult to see, but this unique quilt is beaded!
 So much to look at here...very whimsical, yes?

Dear Dzintra, the one below is especially for you!
 (sorry for the glare)
A lovely Fall quilt in the background....
And first place blue ribbon for this beautiful Native American wooden sculpture...  

There was so much to see, it was almost overwhelming. I wanted to take many more photos, but I needed to save memory for the Fine Arts pavilion!

Dear Marcia, here is a little something I know you'll appreciate! :)
A perfect sunny-side up painting!

How unique is this? Made completely of discarded piano components....

In the Agricultural building, we were happy to see that my daughter's best friend won the blue ribbon AND best in show for her crop art!

Thousands of seeds and grains meticulously glued to the fish and plaque...what patience.

And I had to include a sweet cheval  for dear Anita..

Isn't he beautiful?

We concluded our day with the obligatory cheese curds...

Not to worry...this greasy, salty tray of goodness was split among the 
THREE of us.
A once a year treat only! :)

Until next time!
- Irina


  1. Hello Irina:
    What a lovely day out. We are amazed at the variety and quality of all the work on show which, of course, confirms how very many people there are with real talent and highly imaginative, original ideas. The fish, belonging to your daughter's friend, is superb in every detail. She must be thrilled to have won a blue ribbon which, we assume is a First Prize.

  2. WOWOWOOWOWOWOOW!!!! I did NOT get to go this year as planned, but you have included treasures here that I enjoy every time I go....except for the cheese lactose intolerance will NOT tolerate that but do they every look YUMMY!!! Oh, that crop art, WOW! And the know I would have been studying them forever! BUT THE LA PIÈCE DE RESISTANCE...LE CHEVAL! Oh thank you my I longed to go to see them, to pet them, to talk to them! teeehee....they do respond quite comically when you speak to them!!

    LOVELY MEMORIES, n'est-ce-pas? Until next time...

  3. Dearest Irina...thank you so very very much for thinking of me at the quilt show...look at that lovely Fall one there! I love all those soft gentle colours. And that sculpture...what a masterpiece!!!!!!!! What a fabulous show you have been too...I must say I have never heard of those Cheesey Curds! Wishing you the loveliest weekend...much love to you, Dzintra xo

  4. Hello Irina!

    It's so interesting to see what other people around the world get up to. Many wonderful exhibits......the model ship,the crop art fish and sculpture composed of piano parts,they must have been time consuming but fun to make.

    Thanks for the tour.

    Happy weekend Irina!

  5. Dearest Irina...thank you so much for popping in...I've been at the theatre this afternoon doing some work the explanation of the cheese...I've never had that though I have had something was camembert crumbed and deep fried though I haven't had that for some years now. Not much sewing for me for a couple of days...I have a small injury from this afternoon which necessitated a tetanus injection! Enjoy your Saturday whilst I now take it easy for a few days...Love to you, Dzintra xo

  6. Hello Irina,
    I love this post. I have never been to a state fair, obviously my LOSS! The miniatures are spectacular, the quilts, the sculptures, I would have loved to see it all. Thank you for this insight. Enjoy the remainder of the warm days. Happy weekend dear friend.

  7. Thank you so very much for taking me along to the fair with you and your friends....I enjoyed EVERY bit of it! LOL



  8. Thank you dear Irina for your wishes for much appreciated dear friend...Dzintra xoxoxo

  9. Oh my goodness, Irina, I am so glad I stopped by on this beautiful Sunday. I feel like I went to the fair with you. LOVE every single detail, but of course, the egg put an instant smile on my face. That painting is AMAZING. The artist sure knows how to illustrate perspective. At first glance, I thought it was a photograph. LOVE IT!!
    The piano component piece is genius too. And congratulations to your daughter's friend for the blue ribbon and her lovely detailed art piece. So much talent!
    Wait, I almost left without a nibble of cheese curd. YUM...thank you for saving me a piece.
    Wishing you a beautiful week, my friend.

    Hmmm...I think I might just have to go make myself an egg now. ;)

  10. Hello my dear friend!

    How are you? This looks like a wonderous day! I have not been to a State Fair in years, but I must tell you that having spent the majority of my life
    in Wisconsin I LOVE cheese!!! These curds look scrumptious!

    Thank you so very much for all of you good wishes and comments. I am feeling a lot better. Frankly I did not really have to time to lay around, I have a million things I had to get done in the last 5 days!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I am looking forward to cathing up on your other blogs.

    I am so excited that you got the spend the day with Anita! The two of you are so special to me and its funny because although we have never met I feel as if we have known one another forever.

    Take care and have a wonderful week, Ellizabeth

  11. What a wonderful time we all had with you at this craft and art fair. I always fall in love with the quilts and am amazed at how the craft has progressed. I have two sisters who quilt and I am most in love with their "stash" of fabrics.... yummy!

    The Christmas stocking looks as though it might be needlepoint rather than cross stitch. Either way it is easy to see why it had a ribbon of excellence!

    Merci, mon amie!


  12. Hi Irina -
    That is the coolest state fair!! The miniatures are really works of art. I could never work on something so small as I do not have the patience nor the steady hands. And the cheese curds are making me so hungry!
    Hope you are doing well!

  13. Oh Irina you are beautiful for coming over and asking about the is all going well..thank you so much! Oh I am loving doing this Gardener's Journal is such a pleasure. And yes since we have been here the dolphins come every winter to our seas...they are just lovely to watch. I hope this weekend brings you much joy and happiness...Love across the seas to you...Dzintra xo

  14. Dear Irina,
    HOW DID I MISS THIS? Oh my, breathtaking... Such beautiful miniatures and beautiful other forms of art.. I love the sunny side up, and that fish made from seads, amazing.. Looks as if you had a wonderful time.
    Thank you so much for sharing my friend and always coming over for a visit.
    Love and blessings,

  15. HI IRINA!!!!
    Your trip through your fair was amazing!!I adore looking at all the craft things when I go to our local fair. THANK YOU for taking me along. I loved all the miniatures..WOW..what talent!!!!I am so glad you splurged and got a tasty treat!!!!We deserve something sinful and bad once per week!!!!In my world I say that!!!!Cakes/cookies/ or ice cream!!!!
    Enjoy your last few days of summer....cooler weather is what I long will remain quite warm here for another 30-45 days!!!

  16. Happy Sunday dear Irina,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment about little lamb.. I appreciate it more than you know.
    Oh how I love this music, and that horse is STUNNING!
    Love and blessings,

  17. Oh Irina I am excited....and wondering what you will cook out of the magazine...I too plan to cook up very soon from the Spring issue...All I can is Bon Appetit to us both...I'm soooo looking forward to seeing what you make...Happy Cooking...Dzintra xo


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