Friday, October 7, 2011

The Gift

Once upon a recent Spring

A lovely, GIFTED Teacher

Suggested that we meet

For a cup of  tea or two

That day, on blessed Rabbit Hill

The Angels Smiled and Graced Us

With the Priceless GIFT of Friendship

The Start of Something NEW

A newly found Soul Sister

A Sparkling Precious Gem

A Sacred Bond was forming

With this Most Special FRIEND

A heart of gold that knows no limits

A smile that could light up the world

Eyes full of hope and sweet compassion

The GIFT of seeing GOOD IN ALL

KINDNESS  is her mantra.

Is her creed.

Her talents are exceptional....

So many GIFTS.. she's blessed indeed.

Like FAIRY DUST enchanting all

She sprinkles MAGIC, WHIMSY , JOY

Inspiring others is her GIFT

To every grown-up, girl, and boy...

Have you yet guessed of whom I speak?


The GIFT that is her precious FRIENDSHIP

Has made MY world more WHOLE

I am so HONORED and BLESSED to call this BRILLIANT

and WONDROUS human being my FRIEND!

I know I am not the first to extoll the magnificent qualities of BEAUTIFUL ANITA at
Castles Crowns and Cottages, and I won't be the last. But she truly deserves it.
Anita brings so much light and beauty to our world. So much encouragement and wisdom. I also have only Anita to thank for encouraging me to enter the magical world of BLOGLAND...

Anita has many GIFTS, but one of her absolute greatest is to make every person she touches feel



If you haven't already, please visit Anita's MAGICAL, POETIC, BEAUTIFUL world at
Castles Crowns and Cottages!

Have a fabulous weekend!

images: Pinterest, Anita (Castles, Crowns and Cottages)


  1. Goodmorning Irini!What a lovely tribute to a sweet person Anita!I have only known her here on blogger a short time.I must say she always has the sweetest comments to leave when she passes through.Friends are indeed so very special.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. The computer screen is blurry at this moment, for my tears are over-taking me at this moment.

    Every sentence and image is by far, a jewel to me, ma chère amie. Merci mille fois pour cet hommage d'amitié et je t'ai dit que TOI, tu es douée de talents extraordinaires en écriture, en poèsie et les arts. SUIS TES RÊVES...tu en as, THE HORSE!!!!! THE HORSE!!!! I saw a fabulous show the other night called, HORSEPOWER! They are divine beasts who want to just be loved. AND THE AQUA GEM, THE HARP! (ha....every time I play for you, my fingers are cold!) oh ma belle, this is a treat for me and I THANK YOU AU FOND DU COEUR!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  3. What a beautiful tribute to one of the most "magical" people I have ever ever had the pleasure of knowing...
    Your words gave me "goosebumps" as you so perfectly described my beloved friend, Anita.
    I believe these wonderful accolades you so eloquently described about Anita, is how EVERYONE feels when they meet this amazing woman. She is so incredibly gifted in so many areas...yet her most precious gift, to me, is her friendship.
    I simply adore her.
    Thank you for visiting me, as well. Your kind words really touched my heart this morning...
    Is it so obvious to me why Anita just adores you!!!!!! :) :)
    Have a beautiful day~
    Bilancia Designs

  4. Dear Irina
    What a wonderful post to Anita. The feelings on her part, I assure you, and on mine, is mutual. We are so happy that we connected with you this last Spring.
    Your friend,
    PS, thank you for that wonderful salad; it was delicious.

  5. Indeed, a magical day. THAT SALAD WAS DYNAMITE!!!!! moi.

  6. Hello Irina...what a beautiful post on a very special Friend...dear Anita is such a joy...her posts...her wonderful that you both have connected...Dzintra

  7. Dear Irina ,
    You both created wonderful posts full of friendship and beauty ! I am truly happy for you and Anita . I thank her for encouraging you to have your own blog , otherwise I wouldn't know you .Thank you for being so kind to me .Keep the joy of your friendship alive forever !

  8. Oh, what a marvelous tribute to Anita! Your words and images capture her persona just as I perceive her to be!! You two sound like true kindred spirits! Bravo, Irina!

  9. I came over from Anita's blog to say hello, and here is this wonderful post about her and your close friendship. Anita is a special soul and I was so glad to have discovered her blog..... and now I have found yours too! Your pictures are beautiful, especially the horse as he reminds me of my own precious Spotty pony! Have a lovely weekend. Abby

  10. What a beautiful, lyric post for your dear friend. I have come to know that Anita has special qualities and is generous in support and friendship. How wonderful to have a friend to lead you to your potential. Your blog is lovely and this tribute, exquisite.


  11. Bonjour mon amie....

    Je jette un coup d'oeil ici afin de voir toutes ces precieuses amies....bonne journée, Anita

  12. I am standing in line behind so many others and shouting DITTO to your tribute to Anita! She makes me smile and she lights up my heart! :)

  13. Hi Irina,
    What an amazing post that was! You described how we all feel about Anita. It was PERFECT!!! What a sweet soul she is and she is so blessed indeed. She exemplifies so much grace and is an amazing encourager to ALL!

    God Bless you both!

  14. Irina,
    You are an angel! I am so happy to have you both in my life and I sometimes may be a little tardy in visiting, but it feels great to know that when I need inspiration I can just switch on my computer and find it in both your blogs.
    Much Love

  15. How lovely that you and Anita are meeting up this week. Give each other a big hug from me. I will be there in spirit:-)

  16. I posted Irini,I turned you into a greek girl,lol.Sorry Irina.

  17. Dear Irina
    It is not often if life that you come across someone who touches your soul.. You have found yourself a friend for life. Your beautiful words have expressed my feelings about my dear Anita.. I too, am honored and truly blessed to call this magnificent woman my friend.. What a heartfelt tribute to a dear soul that has inspired so many people that have crossed her path..
    I too, have had the joy of meeting face to face with this incredible women and her dear husband Ruben.. I will hold this memory in my heart always...
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  18. Hello irina and a very merry Christmas to you!

    I do not know how I missed this beautiful tribute to such a beautiful soul. You are truly lucky to have met Anita, she is a special oil. But my dear so are you, I am so lessee on this Christmas eve to be able to thank God for the two of you!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my friend, xoxo Elizabeth

  19. What a beautiful post to your dear friend! I'm already a follower of Anita's lovely blog and now I'm following you, as well!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. You have a beautiful heart, your post was just lovely and what a special blessing to have such a friendship.
    Thank You for joining our party too :)

  21. Irina, I am so blessed by your beautiful words today. This tribute to Anita is absolutely lovely. I must admit I had a feeling it was about her from the very start. :) That is how well you shared your heart in your writing. This is so beautiful, and the images you used are divine. I am in love with that gorgeous aqua teacup. Oh my.
    Thank you so much for joining our blog party celebrating friendship. I am honored.
    Blessings to you, lovely.


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