Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Little Paris"

                                              Ah, Odessa....the pearl by the sea!
   Lovingly dubbed "Little Paris", this glorious port city welcomes the world from the northern end of the Black Sea. A major Greek colony in antiquity, Odessa evolved into Catherine the Great's vision of a "St. Petersburg of the South". Over the years, the city became populated with a melange of cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. French, Italian, Greek, Armenian, Bulgarian, Jewish, was said that at the height of Odessa's glory, one could hear over twenty languages spoken in the streets. Odessa had become an extraordinary cosmopolitan jewel...this was a city unlike any other.

                                    Today, I invite you on a little tour....won't you join me?

                                        Sailing into port on a warm, breezy afternoon

The Potemkin Steps will take us into the heart of the city

Armand, Duc de Richelieu welcomes all

Strolling down the beautiful boulevard


               "Odessa is a city where the air is filled with all of Europe." - Alexander Pushkin    

Vorontsov Palace and Colonnade


The sublime Opera House

A leisurely stroll through the city....

Winter Wonderland

   As evening sets in, we bid farewell....until we meet again!


Images: Andrew Karpov, Alexey Sergeyev,, Matsiuk, Odessa Tourism,


  1. GOOD MORNING MADAME, ou bien, BONJOUR ou bien, доброе утро!

    I have to be honest and tell you that it has been many years since my last world geography class and when I learned that you were born in this magnificent city, I recalled the NAME...but never knew anything about it. I cannot believe the striking resemblance to Paris! IT IS STUNNING and we have a lot to learn about each other! The architecture is unbelievable and the parks, the boulevards are reminiscent of quiet strolls along my favorite Parisian tours. Merci ma chère for sharing this bit of your life with us, and there is MORE TO COME, I just know it!

    A TOUT À L'HEURE! Anita

  2. Oh.My.Goodness! This is spectacular, incredible, I really felt like I was in Odessa! The photos, your writing all makes it into a beautiful masterpiece!!!!! You are my inspiration!!


  3. Oh I see one of my favorite human beings is the second commenter!!!! BONJOUR ALEX! Oh dear friend, thank you for coming to visit and leaving such kind words. Soaring doesn't come unless you have a good point from which to launch and put all your energies to take flight. I am learning that, and there is no room for giving up or worrying that it will never happen. THANKS TO YOU and others that give EACH OTHER encouragement and advice. I so look forward to Thursday! Bises, Anita

  4. I just saw your comment my friend...that little charmer is my dream student....receptive, kind, talented, respectful, SMART...what more could a teacher want. There IS paradise on earth....

    The countdown is on for Thursday! Teeheee


  5. Irina,

    This was a wonderful post. I had no idea how beautiful Odessa was. I would love to visit it some day. Anita & I enjoyed immensely having you and Alex to our home. It was a special time that I hope we can do again.

    All my best,

  6. Oh I see my sweetheart was here! Oh Irina, thank you for visiting my post. Yes, that darling little girl with the paper crown and violin is just my favorite....I want to hear you play!!!!

    Soon, I hope! Anita

  7. Lovely Irina, I've been meaning to read this since I read your "Tagged" post. I am literally in tears. Beauty does that to me. I needed this today and that is why my heart led me here today and not a minute sooner. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  8. We are two pearls, Irina, two pearls who found their way to each other. Odessa is called the pearl by the sea (port city), and Cuba is called the pearl of the sea (island). :) Off to read more about pearls. That's the way my mind works. ;)


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